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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Group Hug - Julia (KM)

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Things have taken a MAJOR turn for the worse at JTV. I am too upset to type.


  1. I like that lee has a Minnie Mouse Mug =D

  2. I can see Tariq getting a job there anyway then maybe charlie.

  3. I love Lee's Minnie Mouse mug. I don't know how I feel about Gavin. Ever since he lost his software it seems like he's gone off the deep end.

  4. I have a Minnie Mouse Mug just like Lee's. :)

  5. kindred, Charlie already is probably going to show up in the office someday just because she's working on a campaign for JTV's launch, remember?

    Tariq will probably get a job there, though.

  6. Minnie Mouse? Smooooooth Buena Vista.

  7. Is it weird that I think that Gavin was funny AND I feel sorry for Lee? I'm chalking it up to great plot development.

    And is that the KM crew in the background? That bald head looks quite familiar, like a certain Creator.

  8. Never thought I'd say this, but damn, I feel bad for Lee. :(

  9. I noticed they're not showing a certain number anymore. I guess the creators are scared of it now.


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