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Monday, February 4, 2008

"Here Today, 436 Tomorrow"

"Here Today, Goo Tomorrow"


So far we have not had a sighting of the "live event" in London:

"On Monday, 4 February, fans of the show will be able to come and witness KateModern being filmed as a piece of live street theatre. This special episode will profile one of the UK’s most favourite confectionery brands by embedding it into the show’s script".


However, we should note that visitors to the "egg site" are encouraged to "explore the Suppressed Memories area".

Hummmmmmmm "Suppressed Memories"? Where have we heard that before?

NEWSFLASH: The event appears to have "jumped" from Monday to Saturday. Clever folks these Cs. Two product integrations for the price of one:)


  1. I think we can safely say that the Order is using the eggs to create "Suppressed Memories".


  2. I think it's safe to say we've found the event! It's on on Saturday according to Charlie's newest video

  3. Yea, it would have been nice if they had corrected the original article when we first published it. But oh well, at least we know now.


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