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Saturday, February 9, 2008

How Long Should a Web “Season” Be?

"Roommates had 47 episodes. Quarterlife is up to 27. Prom Queen had 80 episodes, and its sequel Summer Heat had 15. LonelyGirl15 seasons one and two have a whopping combined 427 episodes."



  1. LOL well I think it needs to be taken into consideration that series such as Quarterlife have episodes that are sometimes 15 minutes long. I think LG15's longest video was... 7 or 8 minutes long? And I wonder what video got so many views!? Oh yeah, the one where LG15 sold out.

  2. Sold out? Explain please.

  3. gotta love Anonymous. Good luck in florida tomorrow. :-)

    the one where lg15 sold out was originally claimed to be, ummm, Unthinkable Happened? maybe even before. now its girl tied up.

  4. I think that when looking at that kind of information you need to remember that there may be two groups of people. People who pop in for a few episodes and then move on to other stuff and die hard fans who stick with a series through the long haul. So perhaps the fluctuation is due to on and off again viewers while the number of regular viewers may not change that much. What I mean is if you were to make a chart of just the people who watch a lot of the episodes of a web series the chart may not fluctuate as much.

  5. Duh! 436 videos per season. So far LG115 is the closest but not there yet. They must be afraid.


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