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Saturday, February 9, 2008

I lost/won the debate with myself - Marla (RE88)

I don't know if this is a good idea....but here goes this


  1. Cross-posted on the lg15 forums:


    I have to ask what you were hoping to accomplish with this video. To get people off your back? In truth, you have been down there, apparently off and on, for 96 days. In 96 days, I would have at least expected you to obtain a police report and a few court documents and other stuff that can be done without meeting the people involved. However, I haven't seen anything from you. I haven't even seen a hint or willingness to do anything about Maddison's death in any of the videos. The video you made to Gregory Atkins seemed timed to delay him and get him off yours and Clara's back. Now, this video seems eerily similar.

    My objective is to find out what happened to Maddison. To lash out at those asking about the investigation is unfair, and I don't remember anyone calling you useless.

    I still think you need to get out of there and regroup, then go back. Since you have that option, I don't think being scared is an excuse. Since you are scared, leave. Go to a friend's, regroup mentally, and go back when you are ready. Apparently, you have chosen to ignore that option, and lash out at those who are not willing to watch you sit there for 96 more days accomplishing nothing. Your safety is a concern to everyone. You should still proceed with caution. However, there are many things you should be able to do that carry minimal risk of discovery, that you have so far refused to do or refused to tell us about.

    The things you say in this video are excuses if you have been down there 14 days, or even 30 days. Not 96. After 96 days, this kind of video is not only deceiving, its downright insulting that you think the community is that stupid.

    If you need to leave Nach and regroup, you should. I think it might be best if you are scared. You can't continue to sit there though. You are a sitting duck who is not accomplishing anything if you continue to just sit there. You are already there in Nach, and you are posting public videos on an account already watched by those who killed Maddison. Everyone knows why you are there. You can either get out of there if you are scared (which I think might be best for now) or at least start off getting public documents and things that might put you on the right path.

    As far as letter vs video, I think people are still trying to decide. We will keep you posted.

    What do you think of my post here. 8) I want your honest opinion as I think this needs to be talked out. A good talking out usually puts people on the same page. Obviously, I don't feel on the same page with you right now, and I would like to get there.

    Also, this series of videos by you is eerily similar to another transformation that we watched happen before our eyes--Clara. I'm not liking this.

  2. Until she starts posting drunk about her boobs in IRC ...she is not clara!

    Hang in there Marla babe
    we just miss you and are worried thats all!


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