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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lonelygirl15: The Board Game

Would you play this game? Cause' I know I would. If you have any ideas for game elements feel free to comment below!
(This was sooo fun to make!)


  1. That looks ridiculously confusing to navigate. Should be a fun party game!

    One of the player pieces will be Shirtless Jonas, right?

  2. If the player lands on 436 they would just disappear.

  3. *orders this game for her birthday*
    w00t w00t

  4. "Go straight to the Ceremony. Do not pass the Swimming Hole, do not collect $2 (for an Orange Slurpee)"

  5. a way to "jump" from one space to another, at which time, the player must exclaim "Paaaaaaaaaancakeeeesssss"

  6. I second the 436, land on it and you disappear.

    There should also be plot holes, land on it and you go back 5 spaces.

    Get the road trip card and you get an extra turn.

    If you go first without actually shouting first you automatically lose.

  7. "You've been Guerilla MEEPed! Move ahead 10 spaces!"

  8. Love it! It could be so much fun with all those plot holes and missing characters.

  9. If your are dealt the 'Jonas' card you get an unlimited supply of cash.

  10. If you are dealt the 707clique card, every speaker has to say something inappropriate. The most inappropriate thing moves ahead 3 spaces.

  11. Chance cards, for example:

    "You run into Mallory, lose a turn while making out."

    "Jonas has a plan, give one trait positive girl to the Order."

    "Spencer comes to visit, take one free soap product, and draw a Science card."

    "Sarah joins you on a mission. Lose a turn, but double your happiness points."

    "You find a note in P-Monkey. Go directly to a parking garage with Bree's father. Good luck with that."

    "Give all your cash to the next person who says Meep."

    "Daniel is drunk again. What else is new?"

    "Nikki B. reports. Draw a knowledge card. Become distracted and put it back without reading it."

    "You are now a Watcher. Shave your head, get a tattoo, and move to L.A."

    "Lucy is your new helper. Wear sunglasses, and enjoy being evil."

  12. I like the Jumping Virginian9000, but it has to be an optional rule not required to enjoy the LG15 part of the game. ;)

  13. lawlz, now I know what everyones getting for Christmas this year :D

  14. Beware of the Pink Herrings...


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