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Monday, February 4, 2008

Nikki Tied Up - (NikkiBowerReport)

I had no choice. - Nikki

Nikki Bower is the lead investigative reporter for the LG15 Universe and star of the series Nikki Bower Reports. Nikki B is played by actress Alli Danziger. When she’s not playing the eccentric reporter Nikki B, Alli is sometimes a reporter in real life. Last week she appeared on YourLA.



  1. Yeah, NikkiB video. Great countdown.

  2. **plays the lottery**
    **gives Amanda $500,000 to fund a Nikki Bower web site and a weekly video series**

    ^^^wishes this would happen! =/

  3. yeah nikki b should be replying to EVERY video !

  4. "Smells like Chanukah" LOL!

    Glad to have you back Nikki B!

  5. I think Nikki B needs to have at least one video a week during season 3, and appear at all the fan events. And she needs to bonk another watcher over the head with a fire extinguisher.

  6. Which was the video where a homeless guy bumped into Carl?

  7. Nikki needs to make more videos, they're always so funny.

    qthec, I don't know the name of the video but it was the one where Carl and Sonia were handing out HoO flyers to people on the street. Carl wanted to give one to a homeless guy and then he got kinda angry.


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