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Friday, February 8, 2008

Operation Shooting Star Status: Ongoing

Watch for character interaction on YouTube Comments
Do it for the kids!

Edit: Jiana, Vinnie, and Shikadoodle are commented on youtube and said they would be back! Come over to The Youtube Comment board and ask them about the strange mysteries surrounding their 'Abilities'

Update- Honors for This Video:
#18 - Most Discussed (Today)
#3 - Most Discussed (Today) - People & Blogs

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  1. awww cutest kids ever!

    help out by commenting and posting your videos as responses!

  2. I still think she would be a perfect Bree if the creators ever decided to make videos of Bree when she was 8ish.

  3. What a great group of kids and a peek inside FacilityJ
    I like how the description ties all the stories together.

  4. These videos are very well produced; WHY haven't I been watching this series?

    /me runs to thecoalition.tv. :)

  5. Keep the Creators away from these kids!

    We don't need "Girl Tied Up: The Next Generation."

  6. hahaha anonymous

    erm, mabye its only me who has no idea what this is, the coalition confuses me the way its all merged together

  7. It's like Marvel Comics. The Coalition is 4 separate stories that touch or crossover in different areas. You can watch one or all.

    I suspect that it's all heading toward a common point that will pull it all together and that will be VERY interesting.

  8. I thought Glenn said that the Red Territory was like Marvel Comics? The Coalition is part of that right?


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