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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Remember Me : OpAphid - A second Look

Lately members of the Redearth88/Madison Atkins community have been taking a second look at the OpAphid video

'Remember Me'

Here are a few interesting comparison pictures, provided by SonOfAStitch and Amergin

Join in the Forum Discussion to view more pictures.


(Montage of old photographs, videos of children, toys, and animals appears)

OpAphid: (voice-over) What would you do if someone took away your memories? What would you be willing to do to get them back? What if everything you believed in turned out to be a lie? What would you do when you finally learned the truth? And what if the people you trusted the most were the ones responsible?

(OpAphid is seen lying down.)

OpAphid: With all due respect to my former associates, you should've killed me when you had the chance.

(Heart beat can be heard in the background)

OpAphid: (reversed audio plays while OpAPHID logo appears) I've been shot down, bloodied, trampled, accused, disgraced, threatened, betrayed, scandalized, maligned... nothing comes easy. Resolve. Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all.

Remember Me? on LGPedia.

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1 comment:

  1. Very interesting stuff. I have also read speculation that 15over15 may have been OpAphid.


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