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Friday, February 29, 2008

Spicing Things Up- Sarah (LG15)

Am I the only one around here with a sense of humor? - Sarah

Artist: Mackenzie 1st
Track: Renegade
Artist Link: http://www.mackenzie1st.com


  1. plenty of tit and ass shots in this one, more than usual , not that im complaining...

    But i am complaining about the predictable nature of gina dissapearing just like everyone does

  2. I TOTALLY agree yw... the "Oh my God where did *insert trait positive name* go?" plot is old and has been old for some time.

  3. Maybe she needed a new eraser, pencils, and drawing pad...

  4. How are we supposed to feel connected to these girls when they keep disappearing? I'm waiting for the video montage of the guys as they say, "she's gone!" over and over and over again. Isn't there an old song called "She's Gone"? Awww, I wish I were good at video editing. ;-/ I've got some good ones here. XD

  5. 1. Did they just replace PM with a squirrel? Hell no!
    2. Is that Sarah's drunken squirrel?
    3. Repeating "he sinks" 3000x times is not entertainment Creators.
    4. What did that video have to do with "spicing things up".
    5. Are the Creators even trying anymore?
    6. Where the hell is Taylor?
    7. Whatever happened to that girl Cassie?
    8. Jonas says we've looked but me does not see Jennie.
    9. Whatever happened to that turtle Owen?
    10. Did Gina jump?

  6. Girl Tied Up, we're on the way!

    Fortunately, Sarah (the character) is much older than Emma (the character), and it's in-character for her, so I support the use of boobage.

  7. OMG! YOU GUYS HAVE TO SAVE - wait a minute...this is familiar. Oh the vicious cycle. We get girl, girl runs/kidnapped, girl gets rescued.

    So far it happened to Bree..twice (although the last attempt was not successful). Hmm..Emma (twice, ran away first time, kidnapped second)...Sarah (once, the good guys stole her back)...Gina (to be determined..but she probably just went to the woods)

  8. Gina said in her last video she needed answers. I'm sure she just went looking for them.

  9. a) Sarah, I give you an A+ for trying to get Daniel's attention. Wow. Dan, I give you a D- for being a man.

    b) Can't we maybe have Jonas get kidnapped and held for ransom? That would be different. Then we could see if the rest of the gang has better problem-solving skills than him.

  10. whens jeni due to dissappear ? anyone know ? want to make sure im free to watch a video that day to be shocked !

  11. Bad day at work, Sarah cleavage makes it better.

  12. Raz -- don't forget that even Daniel and Jonas were kidnapped before -- Daniel TWICE, within a span of a month or so.

    So yeah, the only characters to not runaway/disappear/get kidnapped are Taylor, Spencer and Jennie. Though the first two are considerably AWOL.

    Heck, even the TAAG kidnapped a kid or two.

    I concur on Daniel -- Listen to Sarah, man!!

  13. re: anony post re the spoof vid - is anyone gonna do this? awesome idea.

  14. This is a job for Terryfic!

  15. I was gonna but my computers acting up a bit so it would be forever till i was done haha

  16. Cleeeeavvvaaaagggeeeeeee

  17. Is it just me or is Yousef's acting sucking lately?


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