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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stories bout The Five and Junior-me's plans - anonymouse61806

A little history on Fuzzies and Humans.

I ask Brothers-Sisters to tell me beddy-time stories. They ask whut Junior-me would like too hear. I ask to tell me stories about The Five. This is what Bully-Brothers-Sisters tell me.
Once pond a time... Fuzzies and Humans live together like best friendlies do. Every Fuzzy and Human were happees. One day friendlee friends find a magicmal floting book! Friendlee friends red frum the book together. Magicmal book tell manee secrets and fourtelled the footure! Book sez that Five will be abel too change footure for ever. If this Five ever meet each udder all at sames times... the world as friendlee friends no it will change for ever! Friendlee friends thinks this means that every things will go bad.
Bully-Brothers-Sisters want the world to go berry berry bad. They no care about Humans or Fuzzies. They says we are da next webel in oval lution.
Operation S.T.A.R.C.H will start a war tween the Fuzzies and Humans and makeing it eazier to find The Five.

Junior-me has plan... truck with bad-starch in it is controlled by Wi-Fi signuls from our computater. Junior-me will drive berry berry big truck into river becuz Bully-Brothers-Sisters say the bad-starch is in affective in water. Wish Junior-me luck... I will get in berry berry big truble with Bully-Brothers-Sisters becuz of this... =(
Junior-me will keep updated. For bad-starch to get into food by March 3rd, berry berry big truck must leaf bi Friday 12pm Specific Time/3pm Easter Time to get to food makeing fact tory! Junior-me will fix this and after we can all find The Five together and make shore Five can hide from Bully-Brothers-Sisters! =)

Illustations by Junior-me! =


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