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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This Weds on BreeFM: Oh Dear!

Glenn Rubenstein says :

Be sure to tune in to BreeFM this Wednesday at 8PM PST for a "very special" episode of my radio show! Need a reason? Okay, how about two?

1. My guest for the evening will be none other than...the voice of OpAphid.

(And trust me when I say that it will be a rare opportunity to hear her as you've never heard her before, talking about her experiences and perspective on all things OpAphid, lonelygirl15, and REDEARTH88, plus all kinds of insight into me that she gained from the 3 years she spent working as my personal assistant).

2. I'll also be giving you the inside scoop about this week's upcoming direct crossover video between Maddison Atkins and REDEARTH88, and how YOU can help the "Red Army" to promote both series when it's released!

(Speaking of which, if you participated in the last "Red Army" effort and haven't gotten me your info yet, now would be a good time to do so - details here).

You can also email me any questions or comments for tomorrow night to [email protected] or stop by the #BreeFM chat during the show.

So please join us on BreeFM tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 20th, at 8PM Pacific Standard Time, for what promises to be an eventful evening!

See you there!

Glenn Rubenstein


  1. Sounds like the place to be tomorrow night is on BreeFM.

  2. wooo i will actualy able to listen for once, and what a night to listen =D

    see yall there

  3. i think i speak for everyone when i s ay, "glenn had a personal assistant?"

  4. Nah, he totally told us he had a personal assistant forever ago.

    Gosh Milowent, way to keep up with the program!

  5. omg i'm so gonna listen... 11 est right? i usually don't listen because its so damn late for me. but this is worth it!

  6. he may have told us before, but that's like a seventh grader telling all his friends about his girlfriend who moved to paris. apparently this one exists.

    loretta: yes 11pm ST

  7. Dude, milowent, I told you...

    She lives in Canada. I met her at Niagra Falls. You wouldn't know her.

    Besides, she lives in Canada...the girl's got no morals.

    How's *that* for a double John Hughes reference?


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