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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vote For YouStage!

Upstaged is a brand new BBC entertainment event open to anyone across the country who thinks they’re worth watching. In short, it’s like having your own studio where you can broadcast what you want to the nation live on the internet.

The daily fate of the Contenders will lie with the online community. The Members will decide which acts make it through by watching their audition videos and voting for who they would like to see. The Contenders with the highest votes will go head-to-head on two specially built glass stages in the middle of Millennium Square, Bristol – of course. Here, they will try to entertain the nation for 6 hours straight. Their attempts will be streamed online and filmed for a BBC Three highlights show.

After scrutinising their performance, the public will vote for their favourite act and the winner will stay on. The Champion will perform again the next day with a new Challenger brought forward to try and upstage them. The rivalry all comes to an end on the 30th March with the overall Champion winning something rather tasty.

Current reigning champions of two days, the YouStage Vloggers, consist of ten vloggers who only met on Monday. They are Myles (Blade376), Alex (nerimon), Dave (Musicfromblueskies), Matt (MetallicaMatt), Ben (BenLoka), Davey (Daveyboyz), Daniel (DMcLean1989), Elen (els666), Elise (eliseharris), and Matt (Smivadee).

As a community who first united over the video blogs of a simple teenage girl, I think you should all vote for YouStage! (And also because I'm friends with nerimon, but that's a different story)

To vote, go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/upstaged between 3:45PM and 10:30PM GMT and click to play the video for YouStage. Then vote them a +5

Thanks guys!


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