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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Time Is It?...LIVE Coverage Of Glenn On Breefm

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

It is 10 years since Glenn made the original version of the "Tachyon Theme". For the theme he used the same components as the original song. He loves to do different mixes of it. In the RedEarth88 version Glenn changed the instrumentation.
Glenn talked about " Whitest Kids U Know". He thought the promo looked like "Kids In The Hall". It is not as funny, but it has definate potential.

On of the people Glenn started Headboard with Jeff Gerstmann turned Glenn onto "Kids In the Hall and contributed to Glenn leaving high school at 16 and gettting his proficiency.

Glenn did some sketch comedy on local access.

When Jeff got fired from Gamespot he called Glenn.

Alex Novarro, another Gamespot person who recently quit was a drummer with Headboard.

From the Headboard web site:

"Headboard was formed in December of 1995 in Petaluma, CA. The group originated as a rap duo, consisting of Glenn Rubenstein and Jeff Gerstmann. Rubenstein assumed the rap name "G-man," derived from his early 1990s BBS handle. Gerstmann went by the moniker "US Pipe," after a sign he had passed weekly on the 880 freeway when he worked temporarily transporting reels of film for a Bay Area cinema chain. The two were joined on-stage by Brendan Ducousso, who went by "Gotti," and served as an anti "hype man" who commented on what the duo rapped about. Ducousso also contributed to the between song banter."

"In late 2001, Rubenstein toyed with working on a new musical project, but instead chose to collaborate with two of his previous Headboard bandmates, Josh Gooch and Alex Navarro. The trio auditioned dozens of applicants before deciding on three new female members to help re-shape Headboard's sound and extensive song catalog: Josh's sister, Sarah Gooch, joined on bass, and violinist/keyboard player Averil Bach shared female vocal duties with Crystal Rosenbaum."

View pixs of Headboard on Flickr.

A snip of "The Rentals - Friends of P." was playing in the original OpAphid video. Was anything missed back in OpAphid/Tachyon days.
Glenn is really proud of Yousefs performance in "Drinking Problems" Glenn teared up watching it. It was originally written to be a little more sarcastic by Glenn really liked the performance. It was an important step in the evolution of the character.

News and announcement tonight (Glenn did "the voice")!!!!!! Look for a post from Glenn tomorrow with details.
- next round of RedEarth88 videos?
- Chapter X? of Maddison Atkins? What should it be called? We can call it anything we want.
- read the post from Glenn tomorrow.

The rules for RedEarth88 and Maddison Atlkins are a little different because of the "ARG" nature of Maddison. With RedEarth88 and Maddison Atkins you have 2 stories taking place within the same universe. From the standpoint of marketing etc it is easier to talk about 2 series with a shared continuity. Maddison is Jeromy's production and RedEarth88 is Glenn's.

Deagol asked if " the Coalition" is in the same universe. This is still being discussed. The Coalition is not canon to RedEarth88. Even with RedEarth88 and Maddison Atkins it takes a lot of work to coordinate things.

Look at New Mutants and X-men which had a fair amount of overlap as a compartion to RedEarth88 and Maddison Atkins. Jeromy and Glenn have never met in person.

Glenn apologized to Zoey for the extra work the reorganization will create on LGPedia.
Glenn talked briefly about " Good Times"
End Tags: Final details of the Red Army promotion: What you need to provide in order to receive your "end tag":

See the previous article.

Glenn said that it is always the "stoner dude" who says "I respect your decision". They always look the same. Compare to Matthew McConaughey in " Dazed and Confused".
OpAphid received a ton of messages from LordGreystoke (LGS). Watch the videos. They are awesome but perhaps not for the right reasons. In the official chat the dude was "bad ass". LGS was giving TAAG hard core advice. He was motivated and had a realistic plan.

Glenn thought the "bounty hunter' should "kill" LGS in a "cross over video" but the idea was shot down. Miles speculated that LGS might really be "crazy".

Glenn finds it interesting how people express themselves.
Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
01:48:08 The Anniversary - Emma Discovery
01:43:51 Cheap Trick - Surrender
01:40:58 Rasputina - The Olde Headboard
00:42:50 The Anniversary - Emma Discovery
00:39:42 Cansei De Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
00:36:25 The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
00:33:53 Loveline - Crank Yankers - Dr. Drew Talks Hip
00:30:06 Reel Big Fish - Sell Out
00:26:53 Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil
00:22:14 Patton Oswalt - At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel
00:19:11 Superdrag - Sucked Out
00:15:33 Mc Lars - Mc Lars-Signing Emo
00:13:13 Loveline with Will Arnett - Voiceover Work
00:09:02 Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
00:06:29 The Velvet Teen - Radiapathy
23:40:26 The Rentals - Friends of P.
23:40:13 Glenn Rubenstein - Stay Tuned for More Aimless Rambling.wav
23:36:50 Headboard - People Who Died
23:33:58 Plus 44 - Baby, Come On
23:12:21 Liam Lynch - United States Of Whatever
23:09:27 Whitest Kids U Know - Dinosaur Rap
23:06:10 That Dog - Never Say Never

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  1. Dr Immant was never contacted about participating in any extended universe and I live in L.A. hmmmm....*makes mental note*


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