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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...LIVE Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Last week was epic. Mari rocked it last week on Glenn FM. After the show Glenn suggested Mari do the show more often. He liked the dynamic. They will be recording the "end tags" in the next week or so. Someone took talksmurfytome on youtube:(

Tonight Glenn will discuss every ones relationship problems (Loveline style) if anyone wants to.

Today was insane, but in a good way. Things are in motion.

END TAGS: if you have not submitted your end tags yet you should do so, as soon as possible. (details)

Glenn will be 32 years old on March 2nd. The past year has sucked. On his birthday last year he was at ARGfest and there was conflict. Glenn has 2 brothers. Glenn had an R2D2 cake when he was 5. When he was 21 his mom had him play at his own 21st and she had a "This Is Your Life" type thing. He tried to discourage his girlfriend at the time from going. The age of 50 sounds impressive. When your older you accept yourself more. You stop caring what other people think so much. You end up liking yourself more.

Human Ransom : Glenn has not always seen the reaction to stuff in the past. He has become better at monitoring that today. When he sees "insane reactions" to things he goes WHOA! Most of the time he struggles to make things work so he really enjoys the comments on the videos.

For Human Ransom to end up on DVD would require communication which Glenn is open to. Glenn is flattered that people like Human Ransom so much and he is glad his contribution to LG15 is appreciated.

Glenn had to fight for the office used in Human Ransom. It was Miles dad's office building. Amanda was very supportive. Glenn wanted a shot of Jonas and Bree on a moving staircase imagine a "Micheal Mann shot". Amanda's first repines was that they were not shooting at an airport. He could find escalators. He did not take Amanda up on the other locations. They considered Greg's former employers office but they did not have insurance at the time. They were at Big Bear and stressing. Glenn had asked Jenni Powell if she could look into an office. They went through all the obvious options. Finally Miles asked his dad. It was close to Calabassas. It was only 2 story but it had roof access.

Glenn knew how hard it was within Lonelygirl15 to do something that was not standardly done. Glenn's parents was easy, hotel rooms were easy. In the cowboy thing Glenn was adamant that it had to be a white van. Glenn offered to spend his how money on the white van but eventually they got it without that.

Glenn has a theory that if they had shot subway location Miles would have said they had enough without the office building. Glenn knew he wanted the elevator scene. He did not want to shoot the other location and have that hurt him by not getting the elevator.

If he had known they would definitely get the elevator he would have shot the other location material and he apologized to Amanda.

Driving from LAX to La Bree, Glenn should have had a shot of Bree and Jonas. In the Wapylol video Glenn used a similar idea for a shot.

Glenn would like more people to see the older RedEarth88 videos. There are a lot of people who don't know about the series. We have had trouble communicating the multi-character perspective. When people who see one of Rachel video we always get a few hundred subscriptions but people do not get what else there is to the series. Glenn's theory is that if we took on of the older videos and posted it on the RedEarth88 account that it would introduce new people to the series and he wonders what would the response be. We already have a "recap video/trailer" with the Aly Zariin video but even that does not have the view it needs to "put it on the radar".

The Aly Zarin video came about because Glenn though it would recap the premise if this was a sitcom in the old days.

The best way to get new viewers would be to re-post the videos on the RedEarth88 playlist. The Red Army effort has been effective as has been shown by attempts to replicate it by Lonelygirl15, The Coalition and even Lonelyjewfifthteen. RedEarth88 has a unique opportunity to syndicate the videos because so far the actual videos have not been posted on the RedEarth88 account.

In the future we could repeat the syndication after say 2-3 arcs. The hard core fans would get to see the videos first on the character accounts and then re-posting on the RedEarth88 account would help expand the audience.

If we did the re-posts and it really took off Glenn would be "ok" with posting the new videos on the RedEarth88 account. Right now that account has less subscribers. Part of the reason Lonelygirl15 does not need a "Red Army effect" is that they have a larger subscriber based which help propel it up the charts. The Red Army effort basically has the same effect on the "placement lists".

Some of the older videos were very good but they took a lot of work for a low budget production. If less than 30,000 people have seen something, then it is essentially "new to the rest of the world" and it would be a good way to bring new people into RedEarth88. Glenn thinks that is a better direction than channeling the new story to showcase "similar things".

Glenn discussed the "Anchor Cove" perspective which to some degree is similar to Glenn's perspective. It is too much "reality" for some people to handle. People have talked about the Red Army tactics. It is in fact a tactic that other people use. Even with titles and thumb nails Glenn tries to air on the side of caution. At times Glenn feels like Lonelygirl15 videos do cross a line: they have chosen titles and thumb nails that do not make sense for their characters to have chosen. They appear formulated to garner views first and foremost (eg Playing With Wood). In RedEarth88 Glenn is trying to present Sarah/Rachel really well. Each of the titles has a double meaning that Rachel would not have understood but the titles/description are things that Rachel as a character would have chosen. They make sense for the character, and that is the line that he thinks Lonelygirl15 has crossed.

We are trying to use the RedEarth88 fan base to give the videos a boost early on so it works well within the system that YouTube has laid out.

Tachyon is not the "outdoor type". Glenn discussed why Tachyon would not have a camp but he was told that everything in the OpAphid ARG was not going to be canon going forward. Glenn strongly believes that a character should be consistent.

RedEarth has a back story in the sense that Buffy has a back story. When it was originally known as OpAphid Glenn had done a lot of research on religion. When it came to Rachel Glenn had to figure out how to introduce her into the story. To do it as an ongoing series we have to develop the audience.

If "immediate danger" was going to be a "presence" it would have been like "On The Run" where there was "a danger" but they did not have the budget to do anything about it. Glenn did not want to duplicate that. The current arc is a little like the bedroom phase for Lonelygirl15. The immediate danger was taken care of for the present.

Glenn wanted Rachel to end up with Tachyon. If the had had a budget for RedEarth88 things would have been different and other aspects of the larger story could have been told. Once you open the box you cant go back. Glenn learned a lot from working on Lonelygirl15. He has a first hand view of what worked and what did not work. Lonelygirl15 introduced some questions too soon and did not have the budget to explore them. That is why a lot of the audience disappeared when they killed Bree. People just stopped visiting Lonelygirl15.com.

How do you connect the dots. How does everything work in? How do things tie in? It is really hard to do after the fact. Glenn tried to work in elements of the universe he had already created. The audience "called" LG15 on things and they were given promises in return. In essence Glenn was in the process of working the Lonelygirl15 story into his original screen play when he left LG15.

Glenn does not mind when people give him a hard time about things.

Glenn is surprised that Neutrogena was not pissed that Bree died because of "their character". If there was people in the universe like Tachyon how did we end up with " Screech . It boggles the mind.

If you are afraid someone is going to leave you then you can end up smothering them to the extent that you smother them out. Having learned that this backfires, Glenn wants Sarah to be able to work as much as possible on other projects. Not doing another online show is obvious, but something like Greek helped promote Lonelygirl15. It has been a hard lesson for Glenn to learn from his music experience, business experience. etc. If you treat someone with trust and respect then they want to work with you and it will keeps them around. If you try and make it so they are only contractually obligated who is going to stick around? Your contract may be in the relationship but you heart and mind might be somewhere else. "You don't care if they fear you as long as they fake it well."

Glenn has made similar mistakes with bands in the past. When you try and "control" things you have already lost.

In hiding in the bathroom Glenn had Bree talk about Daniel. Anchor Cove picked up on all the meta.

Bree: "If I had any place else to go right now... I wouldn't be here. Really, I don't even know why I'm doing this. I don't have anything to say. It's like I'm supposed to constantly reassure them that I'm dealing with things because my situation makes them uncomfortable. All that Daniel and Jonas want to talk about, and they can't believe that I don't. [sic] I sort of reached a breaking point earlier this week, and I thought that they might give me some space, but... not so much. The bathroom is pretty much the only place I can get some privacy, and that's only if the water is running or I'm drying my hair. Otherwise, they're knocking on the door, asking if I'm okay, every two seconds. I'm not okay. This morning he said to me that we're both trying to hurt each other by saying things we don't mean. Daniel really thinks he can dictate how I feel, even retroactively, which is... odd."

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

In a movie if you are making a facade. You build the interior. You don't build anything the camera is not going to see. When Glenn was with LG15 he felt they had not built the entire plane. With RedEarth88 Glenn feels he has the entire plane but Rachel only knows the part of the plane that she can "see". Rachel's life ties into the bigger story. In contrast Bree always knew more. In RedEarth88, Tachyon knows more than the audience.

If they get a budget Rachel will be the last one to know what is going on. Rachel does not think about who is watching her videos.

The next round of videos might include some unexpected twists and turns that will lay out some things that are currently unclear to the audience and how things fit in. Glenn thought certain assumptions had already been made but he has noticed that some people are only now beginning to pick up on some things. It will give what we have seen so far some context. The Rachel format will stay, but there will be some diversity.

Glenn thanked everyone in the community for their support. He is happy that he now has a venue to talk openly with the community. A year ago Glenn was told to just "ride it out" and that he would be "sticking around". It was a mistake to not become a more public person at that time. Glenn has seen that the community has figured out what really happened and he felt this was an environment where things would be ok.

BreeFM has allowed Glenn to have a direct dialogue with the audience because he does not want people to misunderstand things. This is the best birthday gift he could ever receive because he has a lot of respect for the community. The community has changed because people have set things up that are not controlled and ultimately people want to express themselves. A "police state" is not a community.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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Played @ Song Title
00:55:59 The Lemonheads - The Outdoor Type Current Song
00:53:48 Jawbreaker - Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
00:50:27 Knapsack - Cold Enough to Break
00:46:21 Leona Naess - Charm Attack Current Song
00:43:44 That Dog - Long Island
00:41:00 The Evoka Project - Downer
00:37:52 Old 97's - Timebomb
00:34:24 Northern State - Last Night
23:08:56 Onyx - Slam
23:08:06 Midnight Brown - Theme from Button Mashing
23:04:50 Headboard - (We Are) The Same (Acoustic)
23:00:16 The Rentals - Man With Two Brains

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