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Friday, February 1, 2008

Who is MRirian? Next lonelygirl15?

"Why are so many people watching her video? Is there anyone behind her like lonelygirl15? I don’t know."

☆新年おめでとうございます☆ - MRirian


It's hard to guess her exact age, but she is almost as tall as a refrigerator, and has thin arms as seen in 醤油戦士キッコーマン? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJyOIFfig0s


  1. Beauty, Innocence, and Mystery Attract.

    Her eyes are amazing, too.

    Perhaps she is a "Crystal Child"


    It will be interesting to see how her videos un-fold/develope.

    Thanks for posting/sharing this MM.


  2. wtf... whats wrong with her voice? and why does she look so young when she's "21" years old? and whats with the videos of her just staring at the camera?

  3. No idea but she`s obviously has appeal. Her viewer hits, and ratings speak in volumes (-;

  4. I think she appeals mainly to pedophiles. Which make up the large majority of the youtube population, unfortunately. No, viewer hits and ratings don't speak too loudly on youtube.

  5. So where does that leave other high rated youtube accounts? in the same category?

  6. and can you provide actual statistical proof of your claim?
    I did`nt realise there were so mant pedophiles on youtube?

  7. I didn't mean to start a fight. If you like her, watch her. I don't care. I don't want to watch her....sorry...

    This made me laugh REALLY hard:

  8. No fight. Just curious why she invokes the kinda attitude and claim you displayed.

  9. YouTube has such a huge viwership and you did claim a large majority were pedophiles. In reality, that seems highly unlikely. In my honest humble opinion.

  10. Haha..attitude? I wasn't showing much of an attitude. Then again, I'm from NY...so my definition of attitude may be a bit extreme compared to the rest of the world. I just don't see what's so great about an american girl speaking bad Japanese, dressing up like a 4 year old, and staring at us... unless of course, you're a pedophile. Then it makes sense.

  11. Or unless your a victim. That would explain the fixation on the word.

  12. My wife agreed with me in my sentiments about the girl.
    Does that make me a pedophile?
    No. I think you use the term to loosely, without having any sound justification.

  13. The pedophile claim is ridiculous, sorry Loretta. Much of the media was making the same claim about the popularity of LG15 back in Sep. 06, that was ridiculous as well.

    MRiriam is a puzzle, or the puzzle is why is she getting so much attention, most of those who are watching her videos don't understand Japanese and in many of her videos she isn't saying anything anyway. I find her intreging but I don't know why.

  14. And to reiterate my original point being that perhaps she is a "Crystal Child" and that would explain the subtle attraction people obviously have towards her videos.

    Having 2 Crystal Children, daugters, ages 3-4, I tend to notice these things when I come across others.

    My wife and I have studied the concept ever since our children were born and we noticed they had magnetic personalities that naturally drew people to them.

    They had a beauty and aura that seem to bring a feeling of peace and happiness to their surroundings and everyone around them. Everywhere we went, people were drawn to them and noticed and commented on certain distinguished qualities they possessed.

  15. I find her quite annoying actually. She perpetuates a stereotypical Japanese anime character and does nothing in her videos other than speak Japanese. Having taught english in Japan and studied the language I think this is all for attention and I think someone should do something about her lying about her age on youtube and get her off there. You should see the comments on her videos, its disgusting how creepy they are.

  16. Oh well, people always seem to look for the worst in others, rather than the good.

    So be it.

    I refuse to be that way myself. And enjoy complimenting others. But thats just me.

  17. well I just looked at the comments and the first one I laid my eyes on was this "This beautiful girl is hypnotic and sweet. I love the sound of her voice. I don't understand her language or videos, but I can't seem to get enough of them. Her age & race are inconsequential. The cryptic nature and enigmatic qualities of these videos are mesmerizing."

    Yes there are some purile comments as well, it's YouTube, what else is new.

  18. One thing I have found in life is that people who are happy with themselfs tend to be less critical of others. and view them as less of a threat.

  19. No no and NOOOO!

    I really don't care for this blogger girl at all.

    I've studied Japanese for about 5 years now and I do think that she's very good at it, but one thing- everyone has a point that pretty much all of the YouTube pedophiles are the people who are causing her to have so many hits on her videos.
    Secondly- most of her videos are just her staring at camera. All those videos that have the "無" character in the title are like that- that character actually means "nothing." She does it because she thinks it's funny. It's possible that she really is a 21 year old midget, but she really talks like a little kid.
    Sorry about this, I wanted to get this off of my shoulders for AGES!

  20. Is she really 21? I honestly would've guessed her to be about 11-12 years old.

    Eh, I didn't find that video very interesting.

  21. I'm with robtomorrow... I find her intriguing but I don't know why. I noticed her finger nails are pretty long and I don't think very many young teens would have that well kept nails. She dresses more maturely than a teen would, so I think she really is 21 but she talks in a high voice to make herself seem younger because younger females = cool in Japan.

  22. I'm going to hazard a guess here, and say that someone told her once that she looked like an anime character, so she figured that for giggles she'd post a video of herself looking very anime and see what happened.

    I think people are attracted to the mystery...

  23. "the "無" character in the title are like that- that character actually means "nothing."

    Thanks juuleeya .....that is quite helpful to know.

  24. The ? Character? Umm... okay let me explain.

    The reason you all are seeing the ? characters or the little square boxes are because they are typed in is because you don't have the Japanese Language Pack for your web browser.

    and secondly, having a dwarfism myself... and seeing that this girl is nearly taller than her fridge.. I resent that fucked up comment and using the M word. The word Midget is OFFENSIVE people.

    Juuleeya, think before you type. cause seriously, you just had stupid written all over your face.


    Isn't she a bit old to be a crystal child? I would think Indigo maybe.. but I don't know her and to be honest I don't really care.

    I do think that the reason she has so many page views and so forth is becuase she is attractive... I mean look a 50% of the comments to her are sexual... that and people arguing about if she is japanese or not.. which I don't understand cause who the fuck cares what race she is?

    I don't get her videos... although she is very animated... and I probably won't watch them again and I don't see how it is any relevance to LG15.

  25. I apologize for my choice of words there.
    Thanks for replying and helping me realize that I used improper words. It is really important to me to be able to speak in a way that's respectful to people and I appreciate people pointing it out when I slip up.
    I wholeheartedly apologize.


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