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Monday, March 17, 2008


From Anchor Cove:



Also from Anchor Cove:

"Word Mark EQAL
Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Production and distribution of on-line shows in the field of drama, comedy, action, reality programming, adventure, animation and popular culture

(APPLICANT) Eqal, Inc. CORPORATION DELAWARE Second Floor 201 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica CALIFORNIA 90401

Attorney of Record Lucy B. Arant <== same attorney listed as registering "lg15" for trademark."

The address given leads to:

Ahmann William Attorney
101 Jefferson Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

and also Perkins Cole

"Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our Menlo Park office reflects the area's innovative environment. Our Menlo Park attorneys work with technology companies at all stages of development, from start-up planning to all aspects of capital formation. We help them protect and leverage their intellectual property, secure financing from venture capitalists, private equity groups and others, develop growth strategies and, when appropriate, exit strategies. As our clients grow, we work with them in public offerings, partnering ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. We also provide the ongoing representation required by maturing companies."

Menlo Park on Wikipedia

Perkins Coie on Wikipedia.
Greg Goodfried, a UC-Berkley and UCLA Law School alumnus, was an attorney specializing in New Media and intellectual property law with Mitchell, Silberberg and Knupp, LLP. He is one of the Creators and Executive Producers of the lonelygirl15 series and a co-Creator and Executive Producer of KateModern. His wife, Amanda Goodfried, is the Series Producer on lonelygirl15 and co-Executive Producer on KateModern.

Goodfried became involved with the project after being approached by Miles Beckett. He originally met Beckett at a birthday party in February. It was Greg's responsibility to fill out the business side of the production. He was first credited as an Executive Producer of lonelygirl15 with the video Daniel Responds.

In August 2006, Goodfried's father, Kenneth Goodfried, applied for a trademark for lonelygirl15, which confirmed for many followers that lonelygirl15 was not actually a home-schooled 16-year-old girl.

In, Following The Helper, the interior of Lucy's apartment was confirmed to be that of Greg and Amanda's, as screencaps from the computer in the apartment say, "Greg Goodfried's desktop". Greg's childhood home was also used as a set, this time for Jonas's house. Greg mentioned that he grew up on the "infamous foosball table" seen in Jonas's videos, and considers himself the best foosball player out of all of the Creators today.
The Creators revealed in the production credits that Greg Goodfried played the non-speaking role of Bree's father. He has also played a Watcher in many early lonelygirl15 videos, as well as in the KateModern episode The Gallery - 6pm 22nd September 2007, where he had a speaking role.

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What does it all mean? Take your best guess in a comment below.


  1. Well, the tax deadline is approaching...

  2. Why would you start a new company for tax purposes?

  3. There are any number of reasons to incorporate (legal, accounting, eventual sale, contracts, employess, liability).

    It is also possible to assign assets to a business and depreciate them (reducing taxes owed), etc. - things people tend to think about this time of year in the U.S.

    Delaware has a reputation for having favorable treatment and established case law for out of state corporations.

  4. I know this information was found on public sources, but I'm not sure why we are posting addresses on this blog, even if they were discussed over on Anchor Cove.

    Why is this community treating Greg Goodfried's business as if it were an ARG or something?

    I suggest marking this one 'draft' and putting up a short blurb about it instead.

  5. It is all public information and needed to make the case that Greg Goodfried has some association with a new company called Eqal, Inc. We are still researching this to try and get to the bottom of it and thats why it is important to have all the public information out there with the exception of phone numbers.

  6. The US division of the company I work for is registered in Deleware. No employee has ever been there. It's all about paying as little taxes as possible. There are a lot of companies that register in Deleware. It's really common.

  7. qthec, i don't think its an ARG, of course. apparently it is some business affiliated with lg15, who knows what it is.

  8. Okay, I think a better question is...

    who the fuck cares?


    for all you know, you're stepping on Greg's real life shit- and that is just wrong. Let the man have his personal privacy- if it had anything to do with LG15 or any of the series he's working with, then I'm sure there would have been a hint to it rather than someone who was bored googling his name for the lgpedia.

    Let the man have some privacy- go stalk britney spears or something.

  9. there is nothing private about this information, anonymous. its all public - registered agent information is public by law because its essential for commerce.

  10. I think this 'investigation' has gotten a little out of hand. As I mentioned above, the information has been found on public sites, but that does not mean we as a community need to treat some peripheral business activity someone involved in LG15 production is involved in as if it is a news story or a puzzle to be solved.

    The information that EQAL Inc. is a new production entity of some sort associated with Greg is reasonable thing to report on, but I think it's a bit invasive to post addresses, maps, photos of the office space, etc. here on this blog. Anchor Cove may have slightly different standards.

    This is not some terrible breach of privacy, but it's a question of degree about how we treat the people who are not anonymous and are associated with LG15 or Kate Modern. Many of us enjoy anonymity online (Modelmotion does not tell most people whether he/she is male or female, for instance).

    I would encourage Modelmotion and milowent, as moderators of this blog and Anchor Cove respectively, to be a little more conservative in pursuing and sharing peripheral information like this about the Creators, less some unintended harm result.

    There is an awful lot of information to be found online these days if you are motivated to look - that doesn't mean we should draw attention to it.

    See, for instance, the Anchor Cove listed humor series "The Guild" where Zaboo knows a little too much about one of his fellow guild members.

    The Guild - Episode 2: Zaboo'd

    This could happen to you.

  11. q, i'm not a moderator here, but i am an admin at anchor cove. i don't think things are out of hand, but i am keeping track. clearly EQAL is connected to lg15, and when the creators are ready to say something more, presumably they will.

  12. Yep, I think the answer here definitely is to discover the true identity of modelmotion, and to track down any and all public information that is available regarding he/r right here on LG15today.

    Get to work stalkers.

  13. modelmotion is miles beckett, silly.


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