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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Why are we posting this? I honestly don't know, but in a way the title says it all. So much died that day. Hope died. Maddison and Adam died. In so may ways, Bree died. We all reached out. We all tried. But, in the end all we have are questions that have fractured the core of who we are.

No More - maddisonatkins
A warning to others.

April 29, 2007


  1. For me, this was worse than Bree dying, as this video shook me to my core.

    One day, the favor will be returned to the masterminds of this tragedy. I can only hope its not before more tragedies occur.

  2. I miss chatting with Maddy in IRC. She was cool. It was such a cruel ending. I am not sure that knowing why it happened would give us closure but someday I hope we do find answers.

  3. Funny.. I had just watched this video and also updated the calendar about this. They left for Kerrville after 2:00 assuming they left when they said they did. Kerrville is six hours away according to maps.google.com, yet they didn't get there until the next day.

  4. Very interesting.

    .....and what calendar?

  5. The RedEarth88 / MA Calendar

  6. I hate watching this video, it really depresses me..... but I can never take my eyes off it =/


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