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Friday, March 28, 2008

EQAL takes over LG15.com

Well, not really, but since eqal was posted about before:

Milowent says:

i tried to see if lg15.com was changing its servers, so i whois'ed it, typed in the server address as a URL and got this:

(Click image to see full size)

ETA by milowent:

1. lg15.com is back up.

2. lonelygirl15 llc no longer exists per the California corporations website. It has been "merged out" of existence, probably into some other entity. (It could be EQAL, Inc., but the information, while public, is not online.)


  1. So now I know who to blame for not being able to get to the forums.

    *Grabs his baseball bat*

    It's on bitches!

  2. per katemodern, we are all supposed to grab cricket bats now.

    but i'm lighting my torch now.

  3. *Trades his American bat for a cricket bat*

    As long as I can bust some kneecaps, i'm happy.


  4. lonelygirl15 llc (the company name listed all over the lg15.com website) no longer exists per the california corporations website. it is listed as "merged out" which means it has been merged into another business entity. who it has been merged into and the date is not available online, though apparently it is public information.

    so eqal is most likely a succesor corporation to lonelygirl15 llc

  5. site's back up.


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