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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Failure. - 0AbAeternum0


He was brave.

And we let him down.

Amschel is distraught. We've given him a few weeks notice so he can recuperate.

The boy called Rasputin was his younger brother.

The Solars are a sect of the Order devoted to finding the location of Trait Positive girls. However, after Amschel's brother was kidnapped, we discovered that the Solars had another purpose; to find a 'Trait Neutral' boy with which they believed they could create a sort of... 'super soldier' from.

They kidnapped him when he was about three years old and he was raised in an 'incubation' center in Siberian Russia. He was chosen out of four hundred children to be the subject of 'Project Osiris.' They ran extensive test on his blood and fed him neuro-vitamins that enhanced his neural capabilities, but at the cost of the functionality of his other organs. Had we succeeded in saving him...

He most likely would've died four months afterwards.

His name was Alexander, but they called him Rasputin.

And we failed him.


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