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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Different show tonight. Glenn reflected on last weeks show with Mari . Tonight will be freestyle. There is a lot Glenn would like to talk about but cannot.

Sometimes Glenn quotes his own dialogue and does not realize it.

Sara will be a guest on a future show. She is shooting a movie right now. Look for an announcement next week.

Lovelinearchive.com has mp3s of Loveline. Adam Carolla has a morning show and is going to be on Dancing With the Stars. He also has a movie coming out. But the big news is that he will be on Loveline tomorrow night and Glenn might just call in. Glenn would like to get himself and Sara on Loveline as guests. Loveline is just not the same without Adam Carolla.

Each line up of
Headboard was like its own era. Different people bring different things to the table.

Glenn has been working on business stuff. He has been able to watch some Internet video. He recommended a Will Arnet video on Funny Or Die.

End Tags will be coming soon. Mari now understands the community more and she totally "dug" the cartoon that PJ did.

If a girl talks about her boy drama it is like a road map. If you like a girl and there is some potential, if you hang out 3 times (make the move) and nothing happen.....RUN!!!!! Have the confidence to assert yourself. It almost always works out. When you are too shy to make the move you will still be in the "friend zone" a year later (cf the phantom zone in Superman 2). The "friend zone" is an eternal prison. The worst that can happen is that you get mixed signals in which case you don't know what to do. Girls that are "overly social" love to talk to the dude that they are "not into that way" about all the "collateral damage" from the dudes that she is into in that way.

Glenn enjoys gambling a little too much but every gambling story ends up the same way: "I lost it all".

There are nice girls out there who end up with the dude they are friends with. But, life is generally not like "When Harry Met Sally"

If a girl is talking about guy problems with one dude and she does not get out of it to be with you then "cut it loose". You don't want to mess with it.

The situation to avoid is when the girl puts you in the "friend zone" and there is drama with every guy but you. That will put you in your own personal hell.

Glenn enjoyed listening to Loveline because you hear it all in a more condensed form. Glenn is a good listener and people tend to open up to him. However when he listened to Loveline he heard a lot of similar things. You are both entertained and learn a lot along they way.

Steaming YouTube on Tivo? Glenn likes the idea.
TiVo to bring YouTube videos to TV screens

YouTube lets developers build their own YouTubes

OpAphid: it was hard once it was up and running for new players to jump on board.

The discussion board is out of game as far as Glenn is concerned.

RedEarth88 is inverted in a way. Rachel knows less than anyone. We have scattered bits and pieces and we tie it together with what Rachel says.

During the summer Glenn did not know if he wanted to do an ARG. The "Mashup Of Doom" took over a week to piece together. People were discussing things in IRC etc.

Glenn had to make a decision. He had not made a cent and the ARG world had similar problems to OpAphid. The original OpAphid would have been 6-8 weeks and then it would have been over. The fact that it could be fed from the larger narrative LG15 audience made it possible to go on. Without a larger audience there is nothing to "feed off".

Since Sara is an amazing actress there was an opportunity to do a straight forward narrative. The misadventures in Rachel's life hold a greater meaning. IRC is cool, but the discussion boards create an archive. It helps out new fans a lot and also helps from a business perspective. Part of what killed OpAphid was the private chats and the attitude that people did not want to talk to the wider community. The discussion board is the "gateway drug".

Glenn did a lot of in character interaction. Back in the day people would get pissed if they got a "cut and paste" interaction. It takes a lot of energy to do it right. Glenn did it a lot at the end of the "Mashup Of Doom". The "Mashup of Doom" was downloaded by the low hundreds of people.

Glenn has had to find a way to "succeed". The Red Army has helped with an "intelligent work ethic". He wants to do it at a certain level and eventually add in more stuff. That means putting the focus on the narrative and building an audience.

It took the "Mashup of Doom" to bring it home to Glenn that he needed to put his time towards videos rather than ARG elements and in character interactions.

Glenn gave Amergin and V9000 credit for asking some of the right questions on the discussion boards.

Glenn posted the link: http://jamphat.com/rap/

IPOD OPERA : there was thought of expanding it. Glenn does not like to admit his limitations. He had ideas of who and what roles. It got cut out because it was not essential to the story. It did serve a great benefit initially. Mad props to Acid and everyone else who helped figure out the groups. Glenn did not expect that.

The Tachyon account was found way before it was supposed to be found. The videos had to be made private for a time. It was all hooked up ahead of time. The videos were cryptic and there was a puzzle in there. Glenn needed to post them in real time and have them discovered later on in the series. In the park "Glenn" was asking questions about OpAphid. They went back and looked into the info on the card and that is how Tachyon was introduced.

It was clear to Glenn that if he tangentially presented a connection the LG15 audience would be a good one to tap into. You need an audience to propel the excitement. Look at some of the discussion threads in Nov 06. The OpAphid section was a significant fraction of the discussion board. This is part of why LG15 wanted to incorporate OpAphid.

Movie Stuff:

"Iron Man " Trailer: Can it be May 2nd already? It looks that good!!!!!

"Lost Boys II": it's heart is in the right place. Looks surprisingly good. It is direct to video. They got "the music". Glenn played the audio.

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe (2008) Official Trailer

Glenn posted the link:http://www.trailerspy.com/movie-trailers/view/447/lost-boys-2-the-tribe-trailer/

Glenn was excited about seeing the original "Lost Boys" movie. It made Glenn interested in vampires. The characters were close to his own age. Glenn's favorite vampire movies: "Lost Boys", "Blade III", "Fright Night", "The Addiction" John Carpenter's "Vampires" and "From Dusk Till Dawn".

Buffy was not huge for Glenn (he did not get into it when it first started).

"Once Bitten" is one of Mari's favorite movies.

The line "listen to your friend Daniel in "Miss Me " was a homage to Billy Zane.

(Black screen with glowing white OpAphid eye in center. Eye disintegrates, leaving just the black screen. Screen fades to white and Daniel appears.)
Daniel: What up Bree? It's me, Danny B. You know what I'm sayin'? Yo, I heard you've been looking for me. Check it out. I have new friends. We're having a great time here. I remember I had all these concerns about the religion you were into. You know they're treatin' me great, they're good people. (Op's voice overlaid with Daniel's) We have Daniel. (Back to just Daniel's voice) Yo girl, when we gonna hit up that ceremony? That's all we gotta do. Ain't no big thang. C'mon, just do the ceremony. That's all you need to do. Think about the good times, last summer. (Daniel's voice switches to sound like what might be the Cowboy's voice) You were gonna do the ceremony back then. It's all good. Now, well you're not doin' the ceremony, everything's kinda bad. See the connection? You know, I know I've only gone to community college. Last job I had was at a gas station, but that's math that even I can do. (Back to Daniel's voice) It's amazing. I think you should do the ceremony. Bring the puppets along too, baby, no problem. P. Monkey and Owen, I got mad love for them. You know what, I'm gonna, I'm gonna try to join the Order. I hope they let me in. I really like what they're about. It's cool. Them being evil, was wrong. They treat me better than you do. Yo, I'm having the best time here. We had pizza, I had ice cream. We even did spin art. How cool is that? That thing with your dad, it's just a big misunderstanding. He actually wanted that to happen. Don't you want all of this to be worth something? (Daniel's voice again overlaid with Op's) Come back to us... (Back to Daniel's normal voice) Yeah I remember that girl Cassie. She was in my class. She'd want you to do the ceremony too. Listen to your friend Daniel. Do the ceremony.

Miss Me?- lonelygirl15

Glenn has a recording of an interview with Shirley Manson of Garbage. She is very charming and funny.

There are no vampires in RedEarth88 and OpAphid is not a vampire.

Glenn discussed "Flashback" with Kieffer Sutherland and Dennis Hopper.

When pitching a movie never compare it to a movie that did not make money. What happens if you compare two random movies: e.g. "About Last Night" meets "Tango and Cash". It totally works. Skunkwaffle suggested "The Breakfast Club" meets "From Dusk Till Dawn". Most movies have basic formulas.

Glenn discussed what makes people cry.

"Cry Little Sister", the song in Lost Boys" is an iconic song. In 1992 what other song could you play that is worlds removed? "Technotronic" - Move This.......OH DEAR!!! That was Dave who played those two songs back to back every morning.

CES 1993: Glenn, Dave and Jeff: Dave went out to get supplies and came back with nothing. Dave always had a good story to explain stuff.

Jeff: http://www.giantbomb.com
Glenn prefers Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton but he loves Bill Clinton. He suggested that every fight between Bill and Hillary ends when Hillary raises his cheating on her. Cheating beats everything else. Glenn likes it when the girl blames "the other woman". Would you rather think that everyone wants to steal your partner or that your partner is undesirable? The "third degree" is the worst ever because no matter what you say it is lost. You can be dating the sweetest nicest girl and all you have to do is mess up a little bit and you get the "grown up voice" e.g. "So how do you know her?" The same is true for girls. If a guy is giving you the passive aggressive thing........RUN! It is just as abusive as actual violence.
Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
03:09:15 Everclear - Unemployed Boyfriend
03:06:47 The Anniversary - Tu-Whitt Tu-Whoo
03:03:29 The Juliana Theory - Were At The Top Of The World
03:00:10 Spitalfield - I Loved The Way She Said `L.A.`
02:56:35 Soul Asylum - Without a Trace
02:13:34 Vast - Touched
02:09:16 Technotronic - Move This
02:04:37 The Lost Boys - Cry Little Sister (Theme from the Lost Boys)
01:36:20 That Dog - He's Kissing Christian
01:36:08 Glenn Rubenstein - Stay Tuned for More Aimless Rambling
01:32:12 Garbage - Supervixen
00:45:16 Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money Mo Problems
00:42:48 eminem - invasion
00:39:38 The Get Up Kids - I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel
00:34:26 The Wallflowers - One Headlight
23:40:35 The Stereo - I Confess To All This Mess
23:37:19 New Found Glory - All Downhill from Here
23:10:43 Hole - Awful
23:07:44 Cake - The Distance
23:05:22 Goldfinger - Mable
23:05:19 BreeFM Drop
23:01:57 Third Eye Blind - Losing a Whole Year


  1. Exceptionally witty! Glenn is quickly developing a signature style.

    Thanks for the recap, modelmotion.

  2. glenn's signature seems to be longer radio shows and no videos? anonymous wants video, not headboard anecdotes.

  3. I can't understand why you post such long detailed transcripts of this radio show. The majority of people don't care and it takes up a huge amount of space.

  4. First, I'll agree, the recap was longer than most, but that is because last night's show was longer than most. If you don't want to read the recap use the scrollbar. I checked, it took me a whole two seconds to scroll through the recap.

    If you don't like Glenn's show then just scroll down, I'm sure you'll find a Greg Mason video to watch.

  5. ok i am first anonymous, responding to second anonymous.

    wah wah wah. space is unlimited on the internet. generally i scroll by any posts that don't interest me, but i know anything important to lg15 will show up here.

    i guess others might question why lg15today makes posts about other shows (i get the quarterlife aunt alex tie though) but its not overwhelming so far.

  6. A lot of people do care and aren't in time zones that we can tune in. Thank you Modelmotion for taking the time.

  7. The accumulated body of notes taken during Glenn's radio show contains a lot of information about LG15 etc etc that has never been presented anywhere else on the internet.

    It is actually a massive effort to create this log and if we did not think it was extremely important it simply would not be worth while.

    The log of the music played might be excessive but it is created live during the show and on occasion the songs actually relate to things Glenn talks about so having it available helps in the log creation process.


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