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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Made a Big Mistake - GregGallows (CreatureInc)

Kims gone.

The last thing I remember is her knocking me out, I never thought she could have been so strong.

I never should have let her watch those videos.

Music : "Teardrop" - Massive Attack

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  1. This reminded me of that movie, The Ring

  2. Similar concept with the fact that it centers around videos, but different in the aspect that the videos dont kill you but rather contain mind control elements.

  3. WTF.........

    OOG: Whose house is that??? That's a badass house with all the pics and movie memorabilia and stuff!

  4. It's my sisters Hopeful, her and her husband are total horror movie buffs

  5. I probably should add that my first comment was totally OutOfGame.

    I just wanted you all to understand that important bit, but In Game the characters arent really aware of it yet :)

  6. greg, this slgihtly creeped me out

  7. mission accomplished :)

  8. I'm not sure why, but after watching this video, I feel compelled to demand price checks on groceries I am buying in the express checkout lane even though I know the price is correct...

    Curse you evil mind-control video making corporations!!!


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