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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Has Begun

"theCoalition (User Generated Content)

The creation of time. The origins of life. The unique DNA building blocks of man. A select group of people are responsible for the achievements of the greatest civilizations on Earth. Government facilities insure these bloodlines live on. Organizations are built to protect their secrets. Adversaries seek to destroy them.

Five simple stones may hold the keys to enlightenment. One has been located. Our mission is a global search for the four remaining stones. Retrieve and deliver them to the school in Savannah - codename: “The Birdhouse”."

For more information, visit theCoalition on the lonelygirl15 discussion board and read about it on the lgpedia.

Source: insideLG15

User Generated Content on LGPedia.

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  1. I <3 the Coalition :)

  2. As mm hints at in the article, the Pedia really does need your help on The Coalition. We're attempting to have a definitive page that gives a nice summary and any relevant links for the individual series, but this is not coming easy, as not many of us are very familiar with the series.

    If you can contribute a summary that would enable someone knowing nothing about the series to know what one of the member series of The Coalition is about, please contribute to LGPedia.

  3. Some summary information is available for each series at thecoalition.tv


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