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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jackson Davis has been nominated for DELETION!

Yes, that is right, the Wikipedia page for Jackson Davis (aka Jonas on Lonelygirl15) has been nominated for deletion. If you, like many of us feel that Jackson is a talented actor and has earned his position on Wikipedia then please share your opinion at:


Please note that it is best to leave a well thought out and well articulated argument as to why its appropriate for Jackson to be on Wikipedia rather than just a "Jackson is great" type message.

Some of us have previously left messages on what turned out to be the wrong area for page deletion discussions but those comments have now been linked to the correct discussion page so we hope they will be taken into account. If you want to make sure you might consider copying your comment over to the correct page.

Thanks to Milowent for bringing this matter to our attention.


  1. While LGPedia does an amazing job of covering the actors etc in Lonelygirl15 etc it does not cover the web series genre in general. It is there fore important that key series and actors have a presence on Wikipedia.

  2. I've run into these guys before. No amount of arguing is going to save your cause. What you need to do is add some references to some widely published magazines or newspapers, and include the relevant information.

    I'm sure a community as large as this can dig up several usefull articles.

    Just remember, 99% of the Wikipedia edits are done by 1% of the users so you have to please them, not the general public.

  3. You could include other stuff he's done. If he has a page on imdb, include the link.

  4. ??????????

    LGPedians out of control.

  5. I'm pretty sure the consensus is going to be to keep the article around, so don't worry too much, guys.

    The article was originally nominated for deletion based on the false premise that he was a side character in the series (which would, understandably, mean relatively low notability). The admins there have since realized their mistake, they're just looking for confirmation that he is an actor of relative notability.

  6. Haha poor Jackson won't exist anymore.


  7. They need to confirm he has relative notability?? Do they, I don't know..WATCH the series? Just click on about 89% of their episodes and he's there. Seriously, guys. What's next..getting rid of Jessica Rose's page because she hasn't been around in a while?

    Seriously guys, I appreciate everything the LGPedians do but come on, this shouldn't even have to be a discussion.

  8. Please note this is about wikipedia and not LGPedia.


  10. oh....WIKI, not LGPedia. My bad :) DId I tell you LGPedian's how AWESOME you are? :)Heh..hehe..*awkward*


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