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Friday, March 14, 2008

Jenni Powell Joins the LG15 Crew!

The LG15 team would like to welcome its newest member, Jenni Powell. Jenni has joined the lonelygirl15 production team as a production assistant.

View the full article at InsideLG15


  1. Ditto!

    You've worked hard for this!

  2. Is the implied side-story that Redearth88 also lost a writer??? (Can multiple confidentiality agreements be juggled?)
    Will this affect lonelyjew15 in any way???
    Will Jenni also remain a fixture of the community or travel behind the LG15 curtain (ie- continue to chat with us in IRC, continue her BreeFM show, etc)???
    There are so many questions!!! These are the thoughts running through my head right now. Mucho excited for Jenni but if there are more than 2 'yeses' to any of the above questions then I will have a bit of sadness to add to my happy. Perhaps Jenni can write a letter to the community to provide some answers to these questions and any others that the community may have.
    Either way, congrats Jenni! I'm sure this is what you wanted! =)

  3. Congratulations Girl!!!

  4. That really is great news for Jenni.

    Of course now I have to ask, what's a production assistant?

  5. PJ Scott-BlankenshipMarch 14, 2008 at 11:11 AM

    um, I have a few questions too...

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Just stay away fro the Koolaid:)

  7. Congratulations Jenni!

    I recommend cameos for Bethany.

  8. Congratulations Jenni - have fun with it.

    And if you happen to find out what the smoke monster really is and want to leak that information, I'm all ears, ... um, ... wrong show ... nevermind.

  9. now, whenever a video says "unavailable" i am going to scream JENNI POWELL WHAT DID YOU DO NOW!!

  10. Good for you Jenni!

  11. Congratulations Jenni!!

  12. What kind of dental plan do you get? Do they offer a 401K plan?


  13. Wow, that's really cool! Congrats on living the dream.

  14. Yay Jenni! It's hard to think of someone more deserving of this than you. :)

  15. Holy bajeezus. That's awesome. If I become popular enough, can I join the cast? XD

  16. Congrats, Jenni.


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