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Thursday, March 13, 2008

LONELYGIRL15: Carl's Note

Carl's Note

The original letter:

Te quiero tanto. Pienso de ti por noche y dia. Estos dias juntos en Mexico son como un sueno fantastico contigo. Eres joven pero espero que tu tambien sientas la misma y ademas que un dia en el futuro tu veras una vida junta para nosotros.
Es mi sueno por el futuro a crecer una fondacion para destruir la pobreza por todo el mundo. Quiero hacerlo contigo, mi amor.
Dentro de cada de nosotros, hay un espiritu sagrada y esto sera su appellido: Espiritu Sagrada.
Un Besote, Carl

According to Jo_16_2 on the forums, the note translates as

I want you so much. I think about you night and day. These days together at Mexico are like a fantastic dream with you. You are young but I hope that you also feel the same thing and that one day in the future you'll see a life for us together.
You are my dream for the future at creating a foundation to destroy the poverty through the whole world. I wanna do it with you, my love.
Inside of all of us, there's a sacred spirit and that will be your nickname: "Sacred Spirit".
A kiss,

Another translation by chershaytoute at the forums, is a little more readable:
I love you so much. I think of you day and night. These days together in Mexico are like a fantastic dream (with you). You're young but I would hope that you also feel the same, and more, that one day in the future you will see a life for us together.
It is my dream for the future to create (grow) a foundation to destroy poverty around the world (in the whole world). I would like to do that with you, my love.
Within each of us, there is a sacred spirit, and this is what I will call you, Sacred Spirit.
A Little Kiss,


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Re: 456 - Spanish Princess [3/12/08]
by rosieiswatching on Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:11 pm

Ok... I think I have read enough of not so accurate spanish translations. But is ok, I won't hold it against you guys(hehe) but there's something that is really bugging me. The note... in that note he's not speaking of a nickname. Appellido means surname, last name, whatever you want to call it. Do you guys think that maybe the Lullaby Project took some of Sarah's eggs and will make little Carl babies??? ew...
Your thoughts are appreciated..

Rosie, aka Peruvian Princess



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