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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

LonelyJew15 Presents: Keller Modern

Greetings and Salutations, I am very excited to bring you this BIG announcement! Coming Autumn 2008, the first official LonelyJew15 spin-off: Keller Modern.

Based on the amazing life of Helen Keller, Keller Modern brings you the story of a young girl producing her thoughts in her world of darkness. Join us as we have our journey through secret organizations, mysterious helpers, familiar faces and a stuffed puppy with a secret. All set in the LonelyJew15 universe so expect SO much from us in the future. With an all-star cast and epic crew, this is shaping up to be an amazing adventure!

Created by: Jenni Powell, PJ Scott-Blankenship and Mike Frankson.
Written and produced by Jenni Powell and Daroff/Powell industries.
Crew: Jenni Powell, PJ Scott-Blankenship, Adam Daroff,and Mike Frankson

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  1. sounds awesome =D

    cant wait too see it

    good job on getting the backing !!

  2. wow financial backing great job guys. can't wait.


  3. A humorous series based on the serious topic of Anne Frank during the time of the Nazi regime under Hitler was dangerous ground. I realize this generation has a different sensitivity to this topic than those of the past.

    I'm not sure that Helen Keller portrayed as a comedic heroine (in a similar vein to lonelyjew15 I assume) is a good idea, even though certainly well intended.

    So, a note of caution...

  4. didn't like Lonely Jew 15

    Probably won't like Keller Modern.

    I realize that The Diary of Anne Frank and The Miracle Worker were two plays that most any high school student in a Drama class would read...

    but the parodies are boring... but whatever, have fun.

  5. *shrug* atleast you weren't mean about it.

  6. Horrible comment ahead. I realize it's horrible, and if you are easily offended, look away now.

    What are you going to do, have Jenni walk into the wall for five minutes? ...As a series?

  7. This is gonna be awesome....can't wait.

  8. I believe that judgement should be reserved until the first webisode.

    I'm sure that everyone involved in this has weighed both the good and bad of tackling this kind of parody. I trust Jenni's, PJ's, and Mic's judgement and I know that they would never take the low road in something of this nature just for a chuckle.

    Let's keep the negativity for things that have already happened, not thing that are going to happen.

  9. I tell you what, even though "Family Guy" sometimes makes me cringe, I still watch.

    It would have been cool though if there was a poll to choose who the next historical female teen to spoof was. It's not so easy.

  10. this is the best idea since the invention of web video!

    i know it will be more tasteful than the retarded policemen on youtube, which is also awfully hilarious.

  11. watchyourjoan

    based off of Joan of Arc!!!

  12. ^^^ actually that's a good idea!

    It's very similar to the Jack story.

    Kid thinks he can teleport - kid thinks she can talk to God.


    I call dibs on that web series!!!

  13. 'Kate Old-Fashioned' : Kate paves new ground with 'Telegraph 2.0' technology...


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