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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Looking For Gina - Daniel (LG15)

I never thought I'd be here again. - Daniel


Artist: Warner Drive
Song: Gone Away
Artist Link: http://www.myspace.com/warnerdrive

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  1. So, if Gina is connected to Emma & Jonas' parents and to Bree's mom & to Bree ...

    then Jonas and Bree are siblings!

    Oh no. Incest.

  2. How is Gina connected to Jonas's parents? Or is that just a hypothetical?

  3. Emma's adoptive parents are Jonas' biological parents, and in this video, I think we are seeing Gina visiting the house where Emma and her parents lived when Jonas found them.

  4. Perhaps it is Bree's old house?

  5. When being chased by the Order, wear your seatbelts.

  6. It was Bree's old house.

  7. omg!! gina is cassie!!!

  8. She dropped her eraser. Lucy will find it and use sophisticated forensic equipment to track them down. Or just watch the next video to see where they are.

  9. Zomgz u Guiz it's a drop!

    Someone go get Gina's Eraser from Bree's old House before Lucy finds it and starts ... umm ... erasing stuff!

  10. I really hope the theory of Gina being a double agent is not true. She has been the best addition to this series in a long time. Please don't make her a bad guy, Creators!

  11. Gina is Cassie! She has to be! If the Creaters are smart they will make her Cassie!!! It fits together!!!


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