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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recovered Memory - Jennie (LG15)


You'll never guess what was on that disc. - Jennie
Gina will be in chat tonight at 6:00 pm PST at www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15
Music: Artist: Janell Marie
Track: Better That Way (acoustic)
Artist Link: http://www.myspace.com/janellr

At 2:35 we see that Gina is wearing a gold band on one of the fingers of her left hand.

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  1. Wee Bree and Gina, Awwwwww! If I wasn't sick and drugged up I could probably come up with something funny.

  2. Is that bree? I thought Dr. Hart said they were separated when Bree was a newborn

  3. Why is the ring important? Women wear rings.

  4. Yeah they were. But Gina said that they played together. It also explains how she knew Bree's mom and house.

  5. The details are what makes the difference between good and great. How great would it have been if young Bree was carrying around a PMonkey?

  6. It would have been SO sweet to see Bree with P Monkey. Or something that connected young Bree with older Bree. Gina did remember Bree's house, so maybe there were many play dates but they never lived together?

    And Jennie's now bossing us around, telling us we "should" go to chat tonight. Trying to like her but mostly she rubs me the wrong way.

  7. Immo1,
    Seeing Bree play with P Monkey would have made this video great. Dam my congested head and inability to come up with good ideas.

  8. So was that Gina in the pix on Bree's bookcase? And if so, who was the 3rd person?

  9. Probably Mommy BreeGina!

    Or Cassie...

    Anyway, Baby Bree is SO CUTE. I didn't really get a good look at Baby Gina. But the little girl who did Bree was so damn adorable. I want her for my own daughter.


  10. It would have been fun to see P. Monkey in the video, but probably historically inaccurate--YouTubers are already critiquing the swings for the same reason!


    dan rather faked that footage!

  12. i'm fine with the swings, but they're editing with WMM now???

  13. "dan rather faked that footage!"

    "but they're editing with WMM now???"


  14. I thought this video was really well done, and the introduction of flashbacks (previously unseen video from the past actually) brings in the possibility that Jessica Rose could appear in one at some point.

    Baby Bree = BaBree.

  15. I think Little Bree was trying a "Proving Science Wrong" experiment in the sandbox...

    Anyway, this was nice...better than usual.


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