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Friday, March 14, 2008

Sofia's Diary Episode 436?

Sofia's Diary Episode 0

We all know that Bebo and Yahoo have fallen under the influence of the 436. The question is:

"Is Sofia's Diary the latest to fall under the influence of the 436".

The release of Sofia's Diary Episode 0 with an equally mysterious non existent "embed code" has thrown the eternal question of whether or not zero exists into play. Can nothing exist? Or, more to the point, can nothing not exist? Does this story even exist? Only Joe can answer these troubling questions!


What do you think. The influence of the 436, or some bright producers concept of a good idea?

Check out Sophia's Diary on our blogspot portal page.
Sofias Diary said:

"You think your life sucks? Watch mine..."


I'm here. I'm in London. Right now it just feels like a holiday. Maybe because it's Friday and the weekend is officially starting. Fine by me, as long as someone can stop Monday from coming...(I start college on Monday.)

Dad and his wife (my stepmother/model/actress/whatever - SMAW) are taking me out for a Welcome to London mea tonight. Would it be too controversial to request a ham and cheese sandwich in my bedroom instead? Or just gimme me a spoon and let me get to work on a jar of peanut butter (yum).

I will say ONE NICE THING about London though. I noticed while walking around today that people who live in London seem to enjoy their city. It's a mild day today, and all the outdoor spaces were filled with people having their lunches and coffees. (There are about seven hundred different coffee places in London too.) It seems everyone's all revved up for spring. Which is a nice thing, but also sad, because spring is when I start to feel excited about life and the future, and I just can't seem to get excited about where I am right now.
Jo E said:


Like I said, this is all new to me. But I think it's exactly what I need right now, to just sort of write about what I'm thinking...

And right now I'm thinking about geography. About how we can't be in two places at once. And because of that I'm separated from my best friend in the world. Whose idea was it anyway, to invent roads and airplanes and trains to get us to faraway places? I think if they'd really thought it through they might have stopped at horse-drawn carriages or maybe bicycles. Because for every person who goes away, there is someone who is left behind...

Wicked Magazine said:

Work Experience

Do you dream of working in publishing? Do you think you know what our readers like? Wicked Magazine is looking for someone with journalistic ambitions to help us with the daily running of our mag. This is a work experience position so it will be tough, but you'll witness firsthand how one of the country's best magazines operates. If you think you have what it takes to work at Wicked Magazine, please get in touch! We've recently filled one position -- one other remains.

Rebecca N said:

Trouble on the way...

Looks like we've got a new student coming on Monday. And apparently she blew up the chemistry lab at her old college. Sounds like trouble to me. I'll have to show her who's in charge.



  1. i personally would love it if "436" becomes a universally used phrase.

    "forget deep sixed, he fell into the 436!"

  2. If 436 becomes universal I'll have something noteworthy to put in my obituary.

  3. But then if you do, you won't exist and if you don't exist you can live for ever and if you live for every you cannot die.

    OH DEAR.

  4. What is this about? Is this like LG15 or something different?

  5. We doNNt exactly know yet. I believe the first video will be Monday approx. So you just have to interpret what is to come from whats already there. But in terms of structure its like KM.


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