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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Surfthetsu's NIPpLEe!!1! show! QtheC inspired...

I know, I know, the title's a bit... weird... but, here's the thing.

A few months ago, I was listening to QtheC on BreeFM. He was doing a Gong show where YOU, the listeners, could gong songs, meaning you could ask him to move on to the next song. He used SXSW2007 songs for this. I'll will be doing this all over again except with SXSW08 songs, and, instead of a gong, you shall hear a nipple sound effect. It's like South by Southwest, QtheC, and FOBlife, all rolled into one!

Also, topics I may talk about:

-My science fair project!
-The infamous eraser drop
-My addiction contest lg15 picture
-My apricot trees :D
-How stupid shadows are...
-QL marathon on Bravo!
-Anything else you want me to talk about!

Thanks QtheC for the idea!

Edit: I realized I forgot to give the time, and I'll only be around for 1/2 hour starting at 6 PST, unless Kira is not on, in which case I'll be on earlier.



  1. What are SXSW08 songs?

  2. lol, I disavow any nipple-sound-effect related humor ;) ... but playing songs from SXSW 2008 is a good idea.

    SXSW is "South By Southwest" a large music, film, and other media conference in Austin, Texas each year. See: http://sxsw.com/

  3. I guess I should have explained it... but yes, it's what QtheC said =P


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