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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Watch Sofia's Diary on Bebo

"The drama revolves around 17-year-old Sofia Taylor, played by Rachel Hyde-Harvey, who is sent to live in London with her dad and his family after accidentally blowing up part of her school.

Fans will be able to get a role in the directing chair as each week they will dictate to Sofia what choices she should make regarding an important decision in her life. "



  1. From reading the blogs already written on some of the character's pages... this is one I don't think I will be watching. It's corny- too degrassi for me. I think the perfect demographic would be a teenage, just not a young adult.

  2. I would expect more the Dawson Creek/OTH demographic, but to some degree the lower end of that overlaps with Degrassi. It is worth watching to see how they play it because they also have Wicked magazine which could potentially widen the demographic.

    But Degrassi is a great show and works well for its target audience.

  3. hey guys i was at a workshop with the creators of sofias diary so if you need any details about it let me know... i have to say though i fell out with them for a second because they slagged off kate modern >:( but they are nice guys and its an interesting project that has had world wide success!!! like i said let me know if you want any details

  4. Catherine we would love any information on Sofia's Diary that you have. If you want to write about it on LG15 Today send your e-mail address to [email protected] and we will add you as an author.

  5. I LOVE Rachel Hyde-Harvey.

    If you need a profile on her ever, let me know and I can fill you in :)

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