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Friday, March 21, 2008

Whatever Happened To That Girl, Clara?

I was looking at some old chat logs from Clara, and it made me kinda miss her.

I figured since it had been a long time since Clara had been in IRC Chat ( 6 months, 1 week, and 2 days to be exact ) that I should share a really good memory with everyone.

Here are some highlights from the very first time Clara entered IRC Chat

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[19:09] amblyopianne i watch the keyboard while i type . . . slowly
[19:09] amblyopianne i hate reading too

[19:17] Wind_walker I answer to Wind, WW, and on occasion, windwalka
[19:17] amblyopianne 2dub
[19:18] amblyopianne my first leet speak
[19:18] amblyopianne or l33t
[19:18] Brooklynxman lol clara
[19:18] acidfingers o shi- ambly is gunna hax into our b0xes

[19:24] amblyopianne my advisor is setting up all these interviews for me
[19:24] amblyopianne he just wants me to graduate and get out of his hair

[19:26] amblyopianne arscott knew madison but she was in another department than him
[19:26] amblyopianne communications

[19:30] amblyopianne i just hate typing
[19:30] amblyopianne thats why im doing the doc
[19:30] amblyopianne i dont have to write it
[19:31] amblyopianne or read all that much
[19:31] amblyopianne i hate doing research

[19:31] amblyopianne i glaze over reading all the stuff in the forum

[19:38] amblyopianne i think mr zipp was just a crazy dude who wanted to gather an audience to commit has fd up crime
[19:40] Kellylen he could have just shot her in a public place though
[19:40] Kellylen and why would he show himself on cam
[19:41] amblyopianne he would have been arrested immediately if he shot her in public
[19:41] amblyopianne he couldnt post his crime for the world

[19:43] amblyopianne im just trying to focus my thesis on how the murders affected nac the families of the victims and sfa
[19:43] marlasinger Ah, I see. Good focus, Clara.
[19:43] amblyopianne im not exploring fradys motivation

[19:47] amblyopianne i tried to follow all the lonelygirl stuff
[19:47] amblyopianne but its confusing
[19:47] Brooklynxman lol clara, that it is
[19:48] Brooklynxman it has more plotholes then the gowanus has potholes
[19:48] amblyopianne what is go anus
[19:48] Skunkwaffle ha hah
[19:49] acidfingers it's a new cell phone :P
[19:49] amblyopianne oh sorry

[19:50] marlasinger Maddison was so special to I'm sure so many people. We loved her very much, and did...a lot to try to help her. Not everything we could, but as much as...we thought was sufficient, at the time.
[19:50] marlasinger You've got not much at this point, though, Clara

[20:17] amblyopianne hey guys
[20:17] amblyopianne today was hard
[20:17] amblyopianne and this is harder
[20:17] amblyopianne ill see ya when i see ya

Do you all think that there is anything that we can do to get back in touch with her?


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