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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ABC Daytime Teams with ESPN for Web Series

Sports Network Utilizes Soap Stars for Marketing Campaign

"In preparation for their Fantasy Baseball season, ESPN has joined forces with ABC Daytime for their "Endless Drama" marketing campaign - "Endless Drama" is a series of commercials centered around the drama brought to fantasy baseball. The network came to ABC Daytime seeking soap actors to "bring added drama" to their promotional spots for the campaign."

*NOTE: All the coverage I've seen refers to these as commercials but they are serialized, run between 1 and 2 minutes and clearly is presented as a web series on the site.

Endless Drama on YouTube


  1. ABC? Webseries? I've heard that before...

  2. Every hour of broadcast television has about 42 minutes of programming and 18 minutes of commercials.

    If the advertisers decided to use some of their budgets and time to present serialized stories in small commercial sized bites (they could change the current 'episode' every week or nightly M-F or something), that would be a clever way to hook viewers into watching other programs on the network, as well as advetising the "sponsored by ...." product with each mini-episode.

    The episodes & forums, etc. could also be posted on the products' websites gaining views there.

    I think this general concept has a lot of potential. That doesn't mean the networks won't fall flat on their faces, of course.


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