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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beach Party - Jennie (LG15)

We had a fun day at the beach, but everyone still has their own issues. - Jennie
Music: Artist: Caution Cat
Track: Centipede
Artist Link: www.cautioncat.com
It appears that there's going to be a LG15-KM crossover.

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  1. Lets keep promoting teen alcoholism!

  2. This makes me sad. Add to it that they removed Taylor from the forums today and Sarah was always treated poorly by the guys and now she's gone. I'm probably the only one who thinks the guys have been slightly misogynistic since Bree died.

  3. Well try since always... They kind of piss me off in there elitism. And what the hell happened to Jennie... She used to be all altruistic and even said she knew she wasn't doing anything productive now her only role is the smashed arm candy of Jonas...

  4. Nope, I agree - slightly misogynistic is the right way to put it. Self-absorbed would be another. Unfortunately, in today's society, it is true to a large portion of the male population 20-ish years of age.

    As for the drinking, I think the writers need to remember the difference between the cast's ages and the characters'. If you go by LGpedia, I'm putting this on the girls - they are of legal drinking age and the boys are not. And one might be lead to think Jonas also has a problem, cuz he seems like a binge drinker - see bathtub.

  5. thats no where near binge drinking, i know 12 year olds who drink harder haha

  6. where are all the girls going?
    First Bree - no comments needed

    Taylor is gone. Which they made it seem like she was coming back for more than that stupid watch your Jack let down, I still can't believe they only brought becki back for that.

    Then Emma just drops off radar, she vlogged from her parents house before then suddenly she vanished after returning home again. Yeah that makes sense.

    Sarah is all over the place, what happen to her and Daniel I mean really,and her all about Carl eww. She keeps disappering.

    Gina and Jennie are characters that I like but they aren't enough. Bring back the ones we actually like. I'd rather have Taylor, Emma, and Sarah over Jennie anyday.

    I'm not even going to start on the boys right now, but seriously . . . argh?

  7. Regardless whether it qualifies as binge drinking or not, Jonas was once the guy scolding Daniel in the bunker for his problem.

    and oh yeah, I didn't see a beach in this video. No sand = not a beach party. I'm just saying.

  8. I'm SICK of watching these kids do nothing but DRINK all the time. JESUS! GET A BETTER PLOT! This is SERIOUSLY pissing me off! Why is KATEMODERN becoming a far better show while LG15 (the one that started it all) is reduced to 12 straight videos of nothing but booze and boob-shots. Too much more of this and I'll be done. Seriously. Out.

  9. blah blah blah
    whan whan whan
    stop drink blah
    binge poo...
    whatever. I see a bunch of normal independent college students (which they all would be anyways...).

    Either way...I've hit a LG milestone! I got first on youtube! First time EVER for me to get a first. Super happy.

  10. Who is this killthesmiley person?


  11. well done killthesmiley

    Have a beer to celebrate :p

  12. So Daniel's relapsing back into alcoholism, and making the moves on Gina.

    Jennie is still desperate to be Jonas' arm candy, and still maintaining the perma-horny look with every face she makes. I used to respect the girl for being intellectual and progressive, but all I'm seeing right now is a nympho. How has she contributed since the Carl idea and the posters preaching shit that she's not following herself?

    At this point, I actually miss Sarah (minus the everlasting cleavage). She was more honest about herself, and her videos were actually pretty entertaining up to the end.

    Taylor was great, and I miss her from the story. She actually gave some intelligence to TAAG.

    I'm not even going to start with how much I miss Spencer...that's another rant.

    Emma was pretty awesome too and damn smart.

    Bree was the best, and while I've resigned to the fact that lg15 will never be as great as it was in it's heyday, I really miss her.

    I think we should replace Jennie with Spencer or Taylor. :-)

  13. killthesmiley:

    looked up your profile. Are you really interested in the sex and porn industry? scary stuff for a "mom". >:(

  14. I've never posted a comment on this blog, and I probably won't again, but seriously, anonymous? Just because someone's popped out a couple of kids, it means she has to give up her sexuality and all other interests and become an asexual mom-bot? That's just ridiculous.


    p.s. In the interest of being somewhat on topic, I fully expect an "owwwww I'm never drinking again" video from Daniel in just a short while.

  15. I have posted on this blog and I'm concerned that someone would put these interests on their profile and think it's okay. it's not about being a mom and "sexuality"--- and "bot-ism" was never an issue. but PORN is an issue with me when it comes to a website that is directed to youths.... guess I'm weird.


  16. When will Daniel learn?? I agree with killthesmiley on this one. They are the age of normal college students. An occasional drunken video is to be expected. And Jennie a nympho? Why because she bite her lip? Come on people. These are just normal 20-somethings... and this is totally normal behavior. (Excluding Daniel and his alchy ways) I totally agree that LG15 is totally outshined by KM these days. Maybe the crossover will help?

  17. anonymous #2, I get the impression you are a regular commenter here... that's fine, but please, as a courtesy pick a handle to post comments under. You don't even have to register, just hit the Name/URL option and enter the name there.

  18. I totally agree with you, Justine. Dumping Jennie in favour of Spencer would just be brilliant.

    Sometimes I wonder if the Creator's even care about the fan's opinion, but damnit, we want Spencer back!

  19. Apparently I'm alone in liking Jennie.

    Don't hate on my girl.


  20. wow....random picking on me. INTERESTING.

    Don't know who I am? Just ask around to the vetrans. Hell...ask the creators. They've even mentioned me in a video! Did you watch ALL of them?
    And why is being interested in sexuality a bad thing? Because I'm a mom? Last time I checked you need to have sex to have kids. At least that is one of the ways. Oh well...I might be wrong.
    Am I wrong? Because...man if I was lied to all these year...holy!
    And whats wrong with Porn? Its the single most profitable business next to the catholic church. Now that many $$$ can't be wrong.

    NOW! To lg15:
    We've been predicting a LG/KM crossover for a LONG time. Since they first announced the new series. WHAT I DON'T GET is the fact that KM used to talk about LG ALL THE TIME! "OMG look what they did to bree...KATE get away from steve"
    You all saw it!
    So why is this like the FIRST TIME Daniel and Jonas have heard about these guys? That seems a little ridiculous. they seem fully aware of their fans I mean they've called all of us out by now! I've been mentioned last year! So why is this like "duuuuuhhhh theres another girl duhhhhh" ....this was shocking to me.

  21. I completely agree with kts and justine - Daniel and Jonas have just been completely oblivious to the fact that there will be many more girls like this.
    Maybe we should further the Bring Spencer Back petition, advertise it a bit more. If Neutrogena arent so very willing then he could just have been fired because they discovered what he was doing or something - which is far more likely, being that he'd be travelling around with them.
    Having Taylor back would be great too, Spencer would have at least one intellectual friend in the TAAG then ^__^

  22. KTS - in fairness, drugs, guns, and the meat industry are all very profitable but that hardly makes them acceptable or good. Just because something makes money doesn't make it honky-dory. :)

    And as for Larissa/anonymous - I resent your "asexual mom" comment. I am asexual and there is nothing wrong with it. Don't use it so disparagingly. The correct word you should have used was celibate. Just FYI.

    And god how I wish the Creators knew either word. Then maybe they'd stop with all the cleavage and drunken horny teen nonsense.

  23. i just really don't like the fact taht KM-crew were completely aware of what was happening in LA and the LA-crew were completely oblivious. It makes Jonas and daniel look like dumbie

    PS: whats wrong with the meat? I like me McDonalds. mmmbigmac.

    PSS: I still like porn. And thats that.

  24. Well... I guess that explains why we have been getting nothing but horny drunk teenagers videos. It seems there are at least a few messed up people that watch it for that.

    As for "Average twenty-something" I totally resent that seeing as I am a college student and find their behavior completely intolerable.

    I want to yell at them, "Hey guys... what happened to taking action?" Getting drunk to figure out who should go to London is moronic. If Jonas wants to go... he should go. It's his money afterall. I just want Daniel to go too. Leave the girls behind. Or wait... they are defenceless with out the guys. Way to show girl power. If the guys turn there back the girls get kidnapped and killed. Fantastic.


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