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Friday, April 25, 2008

Becki and Katherine need your help!

ED: Originally posted April 18th, we are bumping this article to the top since there is one day left to register and vote for Becki and Katherine at the links below. To get a screen test for the role, they need to reach the top ten. Please help!

This message was posted as a bulletin on myspace from Becki aka Taylor.

~I've gotten some of your messages about not wanting to vote for one or the other, but the good news is, you can vote for BOTH of us! As long as we're BOTH in the top ten by April 25th, we get screen tests! Thinks of it - Taylor AND Emma together in a movie! :) It can happen!

Go here to vote for my audition:

And here for Katherine's:

Pull for both of us! As of now, we're both in the top ten, and we'd love to keep it that way!

Thanks everyone!

-Becki, BexterK, Bexter, Bex, Becky, Taylor, Lovin' you all! :-D

loretta/jalg said...


  1. Katherine (that's right Katherine... with two e's!) is now in 10th place and Becki is in 8th place with a week to go...

    Good luck to them!!!

  2. I'm telling my friends to tell their friends' friends to go vote. This could be so cool. I love how our community pulls together like this. :)

    Of course, we'll have to push on for another week.

    Is it true if you're out of country you can't vote?


  3. It asks for a 5-digit zip code. So just type in any random 5-digit number if you're not in the States.

  4. 90210 is always a good standby. ;)



  6. lol, I used the north pole zip code for this one

  7. 99705
    North Pole
    Fairbanks North Star


    or does the actual North Pole have a zip code?

  8. It would have a Canadian postal code.

    *goes to look

    Here it is: HOH OHO

    For the explanation, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_postal_code#Santa_Claus

  9. Modelmotion, yes, that is the "North Pole" zip code I found - it's actually in Alaska.

    I also saw a blog with "Nowhere, Arizona" zip code 85666, but it does not appear to exist. ;)

    If you want to use a "436" area code, there are many of them. In California, for instance:
    91436 Encino or Van Nuys
    93436 Lompoc or Vandenberg Village
    95436 Forestville

  10. They're both starting to drop. We have until the 25th, but Katherine's 8 and Becki's DOWN TO 10 (almost eliminated)!!! Most of the female auditions above them are not that good so they must be getting the votes from somewhere.

    (Loretta/jalg: I saw your audition. You were really good. I voted for you.)


  11. Do we have until tonight at midnight or midnight tomorrow?

  12. I have to say (and I know I'm going to get an ear-full from someone **cough*caravelle*cough** lol) but I'm a bit disappointed in Katherine. Not in her audition- it was good.
    But the second Becki found out she was in the competition she asked fans & friend to vote for both her AND Katherine via those MySpace bulletins. However, Katherine only mentioned Becki once in her bulletins in passing (out of the many bulletins she posted). So it was basically Becki asking people to vote for both her and Katherine, and Katherine asking people to vote only for herself. I don't know. But that spoke novels to me on what type of person each one of them is. Kind of a little disappointed in Katherine.
    Don't know why I felt the need to post this...
    ***gets off my soapbox***

  13. Thank you so much anonymous! I lost but hey, 30th is pretty good considering how many ppl entered and how late in the game I entered! =D

  14. The links say "currently tallying the votes" - so it looks like it is over.

  15. Katherine - 8th
    Becki - 13th

    Katherine made it :)
    Becki did not :(

  16. I just voted and it let me....

    So maybe there is still hope for our dear Becki Katherine is 9 at the moment.


  17. Perhaps the "tallying" message is some nightly thing. The home page does say that voting extends through the 25th.

    So register and vote if you have not!

    Right now, Katherine is 9th and Becki is 13th. They need to both be in the top 10 at the end of the day.

  18. I just voted for both of them, hopefully Becki will make it into the top 10 also.

  19. Right now, Katherine is 10th and Becki is 13th.

  20. aw Becki. i hope you make it. i voted for you!

    congrats Katherine! hang in there. stay up there.

    has everyone voted and told their friends? I'm going to go and get out the vote now! :)

  21. something's happening! Katherine's 7th :)

    AND BECKI'S 10th!!!!!!!!! :D

    Let's keep them up there!!! woo hoo!!!!

    Only 8 hours left!

  22. BECKI IS AHEAD OF KATHERINE NOW. YAY BECKI! (She seems so sweet, I'm glad they both seem to be in it). I've already voted (twice by two accounts, but I'm voting for my dog as well so it's okay.

  23. Now Katherine's ahead of Becki, but they're BOTH still in the top ten! Let's KEEP them there!!!!!

  24. Becki 9th, Katherine 7th at the moment... this is going to come down to the wire.

  25. Becki 10th, Katherine 9th...

  26. Becki 11th, Katherine 9th.

  27. I don't see any official results on the Massify pages (the rankings have been removed from the audition pages). However, when I log in and look at the "My Votes" section under my own "dashboard" it shows Katherine with a ranking of 11 and Becki with a ranking of 8. I've no idea whether this is the final result or some previous status that was captured there, so stay tuned for official word.


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