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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The better man won - ImpulseLG (TheC : WorldFiles)

maybe Mr Vector, but who was the better woman?

Side Note : This video is a response to the Facility J video All's Fair posted yesterday by Jay Nineteen

Transcription added to the video description :

It began in June, in London.

Since then I've been trying to escape a very organized group of people who are after me for reasons I ignore.

I came back to Paris to try and put the pieces together

Back in July, I met Celine. She gave me all sorts of information on my father's work. Apparently my father used his findings to erase parts of my memory. To protect me I believe. But to protect me against what?

I understand I will find peace only if I find what they want from me. However, I have the feeling that the answer might not provide the inner peace I'm looking for.

Mr. Vector says the breeding of people with certain desirable lineages was done through arranged marriages. And he was supposed to marry my mother. That means the connection is through my mother and not my father. My father was an accident in their eugenics program.

To find out who I am I need to find out who my mother was for them. And I know she was one of them.

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