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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bree's Elder

Bree's Elder recieved Bree's blood during the Ceremony, extending his life. Though Elizabeth Avery tried to stop him, he used his authority to overrule her. However, before her death, Bree had recieved a marionette doll from him as a replacement for P. Monkey, (though it was rejected by Bree). Recently, Lucy has been seen picking up a doll for him, suggesting that is is going to be a gift for another trait positive girl.
It is now believed that he may be named "Lord Carruthers ", due to a recent KateModern video, though this claim is currently unsubstantiated.

Lord Carruthers is the name of an English Hymn of One member known to have a massive collection of and an apparent obsession regarding antique dolls. He has been seen by Steve wearing the coat of arms of Bree's Elder, and the two are currently suspected to be one and the same.

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NOTE: There is a reference to a Lord Carruthers in the novel "The Eustace Diamonds" which according to Wikipedia "is a novel by Anthony Trollope, first published in 1871 as a serial in the Fortnightly Review. It is the third of the "Palliser" series of novels."

"Another more Corsair-like possibility is one of her guests at her Scottish castle, the older Lord George de Bruce Carruthers, a man who supports himself in a somewhat mysterious manner".


  1. Maybe they'll get Reza to come back as him <3

  2. xD i was just thinking the same thing <<3

  3. Yeah, but then he needs to speak with an english accent.

  4. REZA!
    Oh please please please have him come back.
    I miss and love Reza!!


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