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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chemical Wedding Movie Trailer

Warning! Graphic Footage.

Aleister Crowley is Back!



World Premiere at the Apollo Picadilly, London on 4th May!


  1. djm418 - why do you always post stuff that has nothing to do with LG15 or KM

  2. To get anonymous posters to re-act such as yourself. and I know how much you love complaining every time I post anything. However, Crowley and Bloodline does have something to do with LG15 and Kate Modern (-;

    To the rest of the Haters,
    have a Great Week (:

  3. Perhaps some here on the blog would love to go see the Premier/Movie, being that there are some interested folk in Crowley, Secret Societies, Knight Templars, etc...and there is a UK presence here, as well.

    If memory recalls correctly, there was some recent threads and scripts about Crowley.

    Unfortunately, cant please everyone.

    It`s the Thought that Counts...

  4. Considering Bree had a shrine for Aleister Crowley, how is this not LG15 related.


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