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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Could This Be a New Series?

The following link was posted in The Others subsection of the Red Territory area of the LG forums. Below is a link to the blogspot and highlights.

Could this be a new interactive web series?

Hello World

Highlights :

Hello world.

I'm quite obviously new to the whole "blog-o-sphere" but decided that now was the time to get involved.

So where do I begin?

For some, the best place to start is the beginning. I however will start at the middle, and we'll see how things go from there. RNAworld is a place where I hope to share the wonders of the scientific world with all the rest of you, and chronicle my adventures in uncovering the mysteries of our past. Exciting, huh? ...

... I find that far too many people have a misconception as to what evolution ACTUALLY is. They seem to think that when a species evolves it means that individual organisms become something else. ...

... But to tell you the truth, my real love is genetics. That's why I'm so interested in evolution, because you can study it by studying the genetics of organisms. And when you combine evolution with genetics you undoubtedly get RNA (ribonucleic acid), the first form of genetic material to evolve on the planet... at least, we think it is. ..

... I guess I'm a little bit like RNA, slightly unstable but that's what helps me do my job.

Well this has been fun. Check back in for the next installment of RNAworld!

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