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Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Border Crossing!! - Daniel (LG15)

All hell broke loose.

Crazy Border Crossing!! - Daniel (LG15) on LGPEedia

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  1. Meh.

    I liked it better in England. :D

  2. O.O feckin 'ell!!!
    I bet it was Steve that was hit or something =/
    Or it was Daniel and everything will get blamed on Steve

  3. Daniel would've had a hard time uploading the vid if he was the one hit though, eh?

  4. Was I the only one squirming uncomfortably through the entire video thinking
    "Will you just get back in the car? Please? Great, Jonas is back, stop hugging and go. PLEASE GET BACK IN THE CAR. You can debate Steve being good/evil IN THE CAR. GET IN THE MOTHER FUCKING CAR BEFORE SOMETHING BAD HAP-- oh look, it's a guy with a gun. Awesome. If only you had gotten in the freaking car..."

  5. Yeah, it's not smart discussing things outside while you know there are a lot of people who wanna kill you.

    I think it's Steve who got hit, just by judging Jennie's voice. I think she would have been more freaked out when Daniel or Jonas got hit.

  6. I like cliffhangers, but it is a bit odd in this context - would someone really upload a video and cut it off right there, without mentioning (at least in a comment) who was shot? This kind of narrative device only makes sense if there is some reason the video upload was 'live' or 'rushed' or the person uploading has some other motive for withholding information.

    As for who was hit, I would guess anyone besides Gina (who I think was saying "you've been hit!" although it might have been Jennie saying that) or Steve (who is likely to be blamed for the shooting as mentioned above).

    My guess is Jonas, and that he is unconcious again, so the others have to decide whether to trust Steve or not on their own.

  7. I guess Steve is the one who got hit. He's the only person present who isn't on Michelle Clore's "hit list." So, since the Order isn't capable of hitting it's targets, Steve must be the one who got hit.

  8. It sounds like Steve says "she" has a gun ... if so, maybe Lucy is the one shooting?

  9. Maybe that redheaded nurse/doctor from the hostpital was shot?

  10. I heard the she too but Lucy is in the Order. Is Bree's mom? We never did find out her exact rankings.... also, about the cliffhanger. You're right, but this has happened a million times before. I think if someone had died they would have mentioned it though. idk....Let's give them a break and say maybe the camera ran out of battery and they uploaded it during the rush to the hospital.... =)

  11. Agree with QtheC

  12. Wait! Jennie is wearing a RED SHIRT, but InsideLG15 blog seems to imply that Jennie was the one saying "You've been hit!" so ... maybe Jennie was shot in the foot or something and is yelling at her foot.

    You are allowed to be a little crazy and yell at your own foot when you've been shot.

  13. hmmm I'm thinking the creators have been watching No Country for Old Men. Very nice.

    Steve's hit.

  14. It doesn't make sense to me that Jennie is saying "You've been hit!" Like...seriously, if you were shot...you would know it, wouldn't you? It would make more sense if she said, "He's been hit!" alerting the others that someone's down...but no she says, "YOU'VE been hit." That seems kind of...weird to say the least.


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