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Friday, April 18, 2008

The EQAL team

Spark Capital Leads $5 Million Investment in Lonelygirl15 Producers

Spark’s Bijan Sabet announced the investment in his personal blog yesterday, and the Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek have published pieces examining the deal.


Announcing our investment in Eqal

Even before we started Spark, my partner Todd was always talking about a world where fictional, episodic shows would be created, built around communities and made for the internet. And it would be paid for by advertisers upfront. Before Spark, he invested as an angel in a successful product placement company and saw the power of product placement.


Lonelygirl15 Creators Launch Social Entertainment Company

"Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried announced through a blog that they received venture capital funding to produce shows that spawn Internet communities and online interaction."


Spark Capital's Sabet highlights power of product placement

"Spark Capital general partner Bijan Sabet (pictured) blogged yesterday about the early-stage venture firm's investment in Eqal, the new production company behind the "Lonelygirl15" video series. "


Q&A with 'Lonelygirl15' creators Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried

Tech Confidential: Is there another company that serves as a model?

Beckett: The closest model is Pixar. We definitely aren't going to be making hundreds of little video series. We're going to be focused on dedicating a lot of time and resources and technology and creativity to a handful of high-quality immersive shows on multiple platforms. Some might end up on TV, in merchandizing and in expanding internationally.



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