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Friday, April 18, 2008

Escape to London - Jonas (LG15)

Going to London is something I have to do. Alone. - Jonas

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    Jonas going to London. And I'll say this before anyone says otherwise...I like his speech in this one. To gain everything you have to risk everything.

    GO JONAS! This impending London trip has me freakin' excited.


  2. Haha makes sense as he is the one with the endless bank account ;-)

    This is so exciting!!

  3. Thats what I said! When everyone was talking about Daniel going. Seriously, how did they think he was going to pay for he trip?


  4. Jonas' plan seems to have worked.

  5. Upon waking...

    Daniel: Jennie, Gina, this could be the greatest crisis we have ever faced. Jonas has left us.

    Jennie: OMG, how will we survive? Is there any food left in the fridge? Is this room even paid for?

    Gina (smiling): Oh, don't worry... look, he left his ATM card for us.

    Jennie: Whew. Close one. We might have had to become beggars...

    Daniel: .. or worse... get jobs.

    Gina: I know! That Jonas is the best.

    Daniel & Jennie: The best!

    Sarah (returning with Taylor): Look who's back! I had to dump Carl when Ms. Avery cut off his Verdis expense account. Can I sponge off of, I mean, help you guys fight the Order again?

    Taylor: Me too. And I can do the accounting! Now, who's up for some shopping?

    The women: Hooray!

    Daniel: Arggg!

    Gina: Um, maybe leave the pirate costume at home today?

  6. Jonas, just remember one thing.

    Get a pickled onion with your fish and chips!

    The truth will be revealed.

  7. Yay! Finally! KM and LG15! I'm excited!

  8. I hope Jonas isn't planning on taking the boat all the way to London :)

  9. I had that same thought:) I can just see Jonas heading up the Thames in the same boat. Now that would be impressive.


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