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Monday, April 21, 2008

Fight The Order: Contest Winners!


Your mission was to create materials for an anti-Order propaganda campaign to be used at some point during the series to raise awareness of this evil organization. The LG15 community responded to this mission and here are the winners:

Group 1: Those living in Southern California
Look for both 4c697a7a79 and voyboy in upcoming lonelygirl15 videos.

By 4c697a7a79

Anti-Order PSA (By voyboy)

Group 2: Those living outside of Southern California

The following winners will receive a package of lonelygirl15 gear. The grand prize winner, Evergreen, whose poster and video submissions were both chosen as winners, will appear in an upcoming lonelygirl15 video.

By Mikey_Vengeance
By Evergreen
By Kericanfly
By kimmycat

Fight the Order! (By Evergreen)
Fight the Order (By EmiB)
Fight the Order (By thatfreakinrandy)
Lies that End Lives: Fight the Order (By chivalrous)
Fight the Order (By lonelyfairyprincess)


  1. am I the only one left weirded out by Voyboy winning??
    He's already been involved with the LG15 production crew (like friend wise) for a couple of years now.

  2. I thought Voyboy's entry video was the best one and deserved to win, but it is true he has already had a cameo appearance in a LG15 video (during the season 1 finale).

    I was actually wondering whether Voyboy's video qualified for free use by the Creators based on rights to the clips he uses so well to create his videos (as in the Dream series)... not sure where those clips come from, or what sort of distribution rights might apply. But I'm assuming that is covered. Maybe the Creators don't plan to actually use or reuse the contest entries directly?

    In any case, I like the idea behind this contest award, and it would be nice to see future opportunities for fans to win walk-on roles, or other ways of participating a little more directly in the creation of LG15 videos.


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