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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Having problems playing the Bebo videos?

Bebo is now using the Ooyala player for both KateModern and Sofia's Diary. We know there have been a lot of complaints about the player not functioning properly so we would like to collect all the information we can about the problem in one place.

Ooyala is a new company, and as such are fully dedicated to making this player work for everyone. If you leave a detailed description of your problem below we will make sure it gets passed along.

Suggested information:
Computer type and model:
Operating system and version:
Browser type and version:
Flash version (check here):
Do you observe the problem on LG15today, Bebo, or both:
Exact nature of the problem (give any details you think might help by describing what you actually see when the page loads.:

If you prefer to provide the information by e-mail send it to [email protected]

Note: It appears that "wildvlad" who has left several comments is a developer at Ooyala and is actually in charge of the player loading. It appears that some new stuff which was introduced by Adobe in Flash 9.0.115 is broken for some users.

We received the following by e-mail:

"Please let me know if you got any email messages from users who is using older version of Flash who has permanent access problem (i.e. after browser refresh player does not come up)."

It also indicated they are working on the problem and hope to have a solution soon.


  1. The most tricky would be flash version, you can check your one here:

  2. Thanks. That should help. We added it to the information requested along with that link.

  3. Okay for me its never worked so heres my details:

    Computer type and model: HP Pavillion 061 (AMD Anthlon 64 Processor)

    Operating system and version: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600)

    Browser type and version: Firefox 3.0b5 and've had the same version on both versions) and the same problem occurs in IE and Opera.

    Flash version: "You have version 9,0,124,0 installed"

    Do you observe the problem on LG15today, Bebo, or both: Both and on the Ooyala website.

    Exact nature of the problem (give any details you think might help by describing what you actually see when the page loads.: The black box for the player appears and a small circle is in the middle and it never stops spinning and no image ever appears. This probelm is happening on my PC but on my Laptop it works fine and they both use the same software and are made by the same company with similar processors, Ive tried all the basic refreshing everything clearing cache and cookies and turning the pc off and on (bad joke) and I've reinstalled flash too with no luck.

  4. Thanks, youwish. Info has been passed along.

  5. ok, here's mine. I can't watch them at work, but I can at home. And, its not that my work is blocking them, as I could watch them before, and I am having the same probably youwish is having, but only at work. Its the new player. I'm not at work right now, so I can't give all the details, but here is what I can give:

    Operating system and version: Windows XP Professional.

    Browser type and version: Internet Explorer

    Flash version: Don't remember, but as far as I know, I have the latest version.

    Do you observe the problem on LG15today, Bebo, or both: Both and on the Ooyala website.

    And the symptoms are the same as youwish's. I get a circle that keeps spinning but never loads.

    I keep having to wait till I get home to watch sofia's diary and kate modern.

  6. Thanks V9, info has been passed along.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. On glitch the player has that if it finishes the video while in full screen mode, the clickable control to return to normal mode is disabled - you have to hit ESC key to return to normal mode at that point.

  9. Info passed along Q. Thanks, that was a good idea to include an example of something that does work.

  10. I just updated my flash to the latest version 9,0,124,0 and cleared my browser cache, and the player still works for me here and on katemodern.bebo.com

  11. ok, so far everybody who has problem with the player is using Flash newer than 9.0.115 :) I suspect what's wrong with that, will try to fix that :)

  12. I am using Flash 9,0,115,0 on a Mac and no problem with the player.

  13. Yes, what I meant: seams like everyone who has that permanent problem is using Flash 9.0.115 or newer.
    BUT of course, not everybody who has new Flash has problem.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. New version is out for few hours now.
    It appears that according to comments on KateModern some people who couldn't watch videos on bebo before are able to do so now.

    Would be extremely helpful if people who experienced persistent player load problem confirm if the problem is gone or still there.

  16. I'm still having the exact same probelm now as before

  17. still having the same problems here.

  18. Youwish and Virginian9000, thanks a lot for your input, this made me look to other options what may went wrong... After few attempts to screw up the player I was able to reproduce the problem you are describing on my machine.

    This means that this time fix would help. If you wouldn't mind, I probably will setup page with test version of player to see if that would help to fix the problem you are experiencing before rolling out fix officially.

  19. that would be great, just let me know where to go to test it.

  20. Yep thats definatly great, I'll keep checking here for when you have it ready.

  21. Youwish and Virginian9000,

    Can you please check videos on bebo? I suspect that they should work now.

    Also, as another set of optimizations player should load little bit faster now for everybody.

  22. Still not working for me im afraid =(

  23. Youwish,

    1. Please visit the following URL:

    2. You will see there "Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager" (on the top of the right frame).

    3. There is a checkbox: "Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer". I suspect it's unchecked for you (by default it's enabled).

    4. Please enable it. Than probably (at least I had to do that sometimes, cannot reproduce that stable-way), switch to any another tab in the Settings Manager (than you can go back).

    5. After that please (you may do that in new browser window) visit for example http://www.bebo.com/sofiasdiary
    Wait till player loads and may be starts playing the video. If player doesn't come up after minute or 2 please refresh page and/or repeat steps 1-5...
    After that you can prohibit storing of third-party data again if you wish

    Please let me know if that worked for you or not and was that checkbox checked for you or not.

    tech-details: That's not a big deal for me to make the player to ***load*** if you have that box unchecked (I actually managed that), but than player ***downloads*** video file instead of playing it, which is not what you want. (seems like the download instead of play for content from 3rd party domain is either new Flash 9 problem or something... videoegg uses Flash 8, so it works for them even despite they are also 3rd party domain).

    If that process worked for you we may include these instructions in the player itself (as I said, I can make player loads with that checkbox disabled, just playing of the video would be a problem).

    Just in case, here is e-mail for this problem:

    [email protected]

    (this email is forwarded to me)
    you can send me email if this resolved your problem or you still have issues accessing the player. (ithis email address will be valid for some time while we are resolving that problem completely and than this alias would be either invalid or forward to our main support address)

  24. Okay done what you said, the box was unchecked, when i checked it the player did start to work , but if I go back and uncheck it it stops working again and goes back to before, so it has to be checked for the player to work, also if its downloading the videos, that could easily clog up the PC with loads of flvs could it not ? there is a 10mb limit set but that would probably be reached pretty quickly, so instructions on how to clear that ( if it would do what im thinking) would be a good idea.

    Many thanks for the help, now i can finally wacth the videos =)

  25. Same thing happens for me as youwish, and I suspect my work wants that box unchecked for security reasons. I will adopt a strategy of checking that box when I want to watch the bebo videos and unchecking afterwards.

  26. virginian9000,

    this box clearly has nothing to do with security, this box deals with privacy :) so, I hardly believe that your employer would force your anonymity.

    security issue would be allowing access camera and/or microphone - that's for sure if you work on some classified stuff :)

    p.s. I'm afraid that Flash 9 (due to the fact that playing video and storing local data is using some similar components in Flash 9) starts to downloading video files (i.e. regular file downloads - like regular browser "save as..") instead of showing them... I need to do more testing on that before enabling playback for people prohibiting local storage... need to check 9.0.124 under windows - this may work...

    anyway, it will take some time to incorporate those changes and/or file a bug with Adobe to fix it if it's their bug or not.

  27. youwish,

    The limit you set for local storage has nothing to do with FLVs... FLVs can be downloaded only directly, i.e. cannot be stored in Flash local storage.

    The effect I see that player instead of showing files starts to do regular file downloads - i.e. under Firefox it will just put them in your "Downloaded" folder and under IE it probably will pop up "Save As" dialog... And on top of that player would detect "download failure" in this case and will restart download over and over which would just flood your harddrive with FLVs...
    That's why I cannot release fix for that issue quickly and we will need some time to either expose above mentioned instructions in the player or have some nicer workaround implemented and I have few ideas to do that...

  28. FYI: the workaround for the privacy problem is live (e.g. people with that checkbox unchecked for whatever reason should be able to access video now, but suboptimal way as we can provide better experience having the right to store little bit of data)

  29. Thats great =D

    At last its finally working so im very happy and thanks for all your help =D

    I'll make a post about this so everyone having problems knows what to do.

    I've seen a fwe comments on the KM bebo pages about people not seeing the videos so I hope you can get the info out there =).

  30. For me it doesn't play and when i try clicking the thumbnail below of the bebo player, nothing happens so here all the detail i can give.

    Computer type and model: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Daul Core Processor 3600

    Operating system and version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2

    Browser type and version: Internet Explorer 8 and This proram called Realplayer it's also a web browser but don't know what version. don't use it that much because its very difficult.

    Flash version :"You have version 10,0,32,18 installed"

    Do you observe the problem on LG15today, Bebo, or both: Both

    Exact nature of the problem (give any details you think might help by describing what you actually see when the page loads.: It all black with a white line border, but with a little white,red,green and blue colored white rectangle on the top left corner. I tried refreshing the page and logging off and logging backing in, Restart computer but no luck.


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