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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hot Tacos - Jonas (LG15)

Steve was shot. We couldn't leave him. - Jonas


  1. The driver of that car must have limited sight to not see them crouched behind the tree.

  2. who's covering that medical bill?

  3. KP - since it's high up government, they can't see the truth anyway. ;)
    Sounds like Steve wants to stay in California. :D
    And looks like we're going to hear from Taylor! Yay!


  4. Yeah seriously. How does someone who is LOOKING for them not see the 3 of them crouched behind a tree. I'm not impressed. This follow up video just wasn't satisfying. Jonas is trying to play like he didn't do anything wrong, TAAG still doesn't trust Steve over 1 video. Meanwhile they are all like, yeah we left him, but now we are going to pick him up. No one trusts each other, but lets all sit on the beach and drink some beer. I'm beginning to loose interest in LG15. KM is much more well written and their characters are so much better. I am disappointed.

  5. Maybe they didn't saw the behind the tree because of the big sunglasses the Order people always wears? A tree and a person look alike then =)

    Yay for Taylor, I'm glad she's still in lg15 somehow.

  6. Is it wrong that I only watched the parts that Steve was in???

  7. So will we actually get a vid from Taylor or will it just be a post on the forums? Probably the latter I reckon.

    Anyway isn't this crossover only for 2 weeks? In that case there r 3 eps left rite? Will the Lord Carruthers thing be resolved or will it drag on after the crossover ends? Hmm...

  8. omg...this crossover isn't going to last...
    why the hell not. I think this is the best set of episodes since...since...

    Bree's dad dieing...and.....op in daniels bedroom.


  9. wow....that was .... bad.........bad.......bad......................awfull.

  10. the cross over it's the best thing that happened to LG15!
    I love Steve in london and in the U.S.

    hopefully we will actually see taylor.

  11. I doubt we'll see Taylor.

    And I love Steve so much in these videos.

  12. I don't think we will see Taylor :(

    This crossover is the best thing that happened to lg15 since the 12in12 actually. I hope they will continue making videos who are just as good as the KM videos and not go back into their boob videos after the crossover.

  13. That would be great bianca...except hasn't anyone caught the second (sexual) meaning of the title of this video?

    just going to point that annonymously out. ;)

    And I also hope we'll see Taylor!!!

  14. What does Steve say at 2:54 ?
    Until then, smasuvesa???

    (just before the cut to the eating scene).

  15. i think he is trying to say "some more cervesa"

  16. I think he says "mas cerveza", which means "a lot of beer" in spanish. That's what they were doing next, drinking beer on the beach.


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