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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Miss Her - Daniel (LG15)

Thanks to CCF and others in the LG15 Forum for picking up on "marionette." Wow, I haven't seen one of those since my mom dragged me antique shopping a few years back. - Daniel

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P Monkey email
by danielbeast
on Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:35 pm

Hey guys. Here's what Bree said in the email. Well...you can see it for yourself.


I know you’re probably worried. But everyone here is so kind. It’s been great being with the Hymn these last few days. Honestly, if I had to complain about anything, it’s that I only wish they’d treat P. Monkey with the same kindness.

They tried to replace him -- can you believe that?! One morning I woke up and next to my bed was this toy box. The card was signed “an everlasting admirer.” It had this silly puppet in it with strings attached. To think I could ever accept another boy toy in my life other than P. Monkey! Or should that be girl toy? Wink.

Of course I had to tell the Hymn if they want me to sing, P. Monkey is my only back-up singer. Ha! So I put their puppet right back in the stinky box he came from. Seriously, the thing reeked. All musty and stuff. The label on it said Alcombe, so basically that’s where you should go if you wanna smell like a retirement home...

I miss you guys. Hopefully we’ll talk soon.



NOTE: There is speculating that Everlasting Admirer = EA = Elizabeth Avery

The Elders

The Elders, also known as The Order of Denderah (A Solid Lead, April 26th, 2007) are the utmost figures of authority in the Hymn of One.

Many members of the Hymn of One believe it is an honor to be in the presence of an Elder. They greatly respect and revere these men and women. Because they are so important, Elders are extremely well protected by their aggressive, inhumane bodyguards called Shadows, who cannot leave their sides unless permission is given.
However, it seems that the Elders are nothing more than the greedy masterminds behind the Order and more specifically, the Ceremony. The Elders are very old, as their name implies, and in order to stay alive as long as possible, they receive a transfusion of the blood of trait positive girls, such as Bree. Each transfusion extends an Elder's life 40 - 50 years. Apparently there are twelve Elders who rotate in turn for a chance to be the recepient of a new Ceremony girl's life-giving blood.

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Michelle Clore
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Dr. William Porter

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posts by Daniel.

From Wikipedia

" Alcombe is a town in Somerset, England. It has been absorbed into the municipality of Minehead. An unusual feature of Alcombe is what used to be the Parish Church in Grove Place which is now a Christian Spiritualist Church."


However, according to LGPedia "Alcombe is a reference to Alcombe Antiques"

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    I loved this video. SO much.
    Remembering Bree. Seeing P Monkey. The email FINALLY revealed. And...
    AND... THE RETURN OF REZA (well, hopefully!)


  2. Omg. P Monkey.
    I was just happy they talked about him! My friggen jaw dropped when they showed P Monkey!

  3. Hooray! P. Monkey survives.

    It's a relief to know Daniel still has P. Monkey and Sarah didn't leave him down at camp Carl or somewhere.

    And, oh yeah, let's find that elder.

  4. Alcombe is a town in Somerset, England. Could Bree's elder be Michelle Clore????

  5. I so called that, when I commented on the morning glory vid here on the blog, I shoulda done it in the forums..grr.

  6. I actually can't STAND this video. Yousef's acting seems a little... off? Especially when he's reading the email. And I totally just realized that the storyline is REALLY flimzy right now...we're going off an email? The whole "Mary Annette-Marionette" puzzle seemed a bit unrealistic, too.

  7. I wonder what the date of the e-mail was.

  8. OMG Amanda Goodfried is Bree's Elder! I knew it! (j/k)

    And yeah, it's about time we got a look at that P. Monkey Email! Yay!

  9. The "Alcombe Antiquities" image has the freaky quality of possessed dolls and carnival clowns.

    Very creepy to think of some ancient elder of the Order dealing in antique children's toys.

    This is good stuff.

  10. We desperately wanted that email for soooooo long. We begged them to show it to us. And they refused. They refused every time.


    No way. NO WAY! It is just too unrealistic to even allow. This was a huge cop out and a VERY weak attempt to plug a very emotional hole.

  11. I completely disagree with the people who are saying this was disappointing or that it didn't make sense. This was a perfect way to make the email seem relevant without wondering why it wasn't used before. If it had said "This is a list of all the Elders and Trait Positives and here's how to destroy the Order" everyone would be scratching there heads wondering why it hadn't come up sooner. This way we have a reason as to why it's contents were not revealed sooner.

  12. I agree with the anonymous post. I would be totally unrealistic to have a email with all the elders names and stuff in it. And I think the Order read all emails before they sent them through, so they would have definately deleted that email. This is great, she gives us a place to look for her elder. Maybe her elder is like the leader of the elders, so if Taag kills him, the Order will be a lot weaker.

    They (the creators) looked for a way to use that email in the story and I think they did a good job to use it like this.

  13. I wasnt expecting a revelation, but I was expecting emotion. Not only was the letter highly unemotional, but Daniel read it in a highly unemotional way. My speculation was never that the letter contained secret information. I was always that the letter was deep and emotional and very personal and that is why they chose not to show it to us, because it was just too personal. But the letter was extremely impersonal. There is no valid reason they wouldnt have shared it with us, especially considering the amount of decoding we were doing at the time. It just doesnt make sense.

  14. I disagree, for the simple fact that Bree said "I'm sending you an e-mail, it's the key to taking down the Order."

    How the f&*% does an anecdote about an effing puppet take down the Order???


  15. Awww so I'm on the side of this video. Though it made me really sad to see Bree again. Really really sad.



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