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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Infested - Charlie (KM)

Anyone for happy food sangas?

NOTE: This video was posted to Sophie's account... but it's pretty obvious it's a Chaz video.

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  1. I don't think the order will let them forget. Especially if Lauren is trait-positive.

    I'm glad Lauren moved it. I like her.


  2. What is the motivation for the black and white -ish effect they throw in now and again. Is it a night vision feature on the camera or what?

  3. I think she's using the night vision on her camera. But who eats in the dark??

  4. Eating in the dark with mice about. Those Aussies sure are tough!

    Charlie needs to get a cat...

  5. And what would you suggest for the cat's name?

  6. A couple of odd things... first is Charlie's backstory with her having a kid in Australia that her "sister" is raising as her own - is there more to that story, possibly some more direct connection to Kate's story and the Order?
    ... second is this new business with Lauren's pills - who is prescribing them, and how do they even know enough about artifically induced trait positive blood to treat it?

    One idea, a bit crazy, is that Charlie is somehow compromised, and being used by the Order, or some faction of the Order, that she might be acting as Lauren's protector, in part because someone assigned her that task. Maybe she had a similar role with trait positive Kate, failing due to maniac Terrence and possibly Clore or whoever gave Terrence the shadow drugs.


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