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Friday, April 25, 2008

Jonas and Steve Update

Update: Here is the official translation provided by Jonas and Steve:

Michelle Clore: “Once in a generation, the honour of ascension is offered to a chosen few. Those selected from within the Hymn of One must posses the vision and clarity of mind required to cast off dull care and understand the world as it truly is.

Those who hear the call are selected because of their standing in society and influence on the masses. Standing shoulder to shoulder with members of the original twelve is an honour and respnsibility that must be earned. The final test to attain ascension demands the sacrifice of the life of one of several young Americans.

The former friends of a ceremony girl named Bree Avery their mission to destabilise the Order has already cost us more than we are willing to disclose.

The names of the hunted five are Jonas, Daniel, Sarah, Gina and Jennie. They are located in Southern California and can be traced via the videos they insist on uploading to the internet. Provide evidence of the death of one of the five at your hand and ascension will be granted.”

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