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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Kill Greggerz Contest WINNER! (LJ15)

After hours of pouring over our hundreds and hundreds (or a few less, who's counting?) of entries, on behalf of the entire cast and crew of LonelyJew15 I am excited and honored to announce the winner of the Kill Greggerz Contest...


Hopeful's entry blended seemlessly the excitment of some of our favorite TV series with the glory of Greggerz being shot at point-blank range. Congratulations Hopeful! You'll be receiving not 1, but 2 autographed Abraham Lincoln headshots: one signed by The Historians and the other by Anne Frank herself.

Thanks to everyone that participated. LonelyJew15 will be taking a few weeks off to recover from this amazing contest but we'll be back real soon and to our regular schedule. In the meantime, get all caught up at our Website or our YouTube Playlist.

And remember, we really think all people are good at heart...


  1. PS- Thanks!!! I iz super-duper-happies!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Make funny video when you get your signed autographed pictures and talk about how you sleep with them at night.

  4. How about I make a video where I sleep with my signed-Lincolns every night and have to explain to some random bar hookup on why I do so?


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