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Friday, April 4, 2008

LG15 Pickup Lines

We were discussing some LG15 Pickup lines in BreeFM, and I thought i'd post them here.

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JenniPowell "I'll be your Deep Throat if you be my Swallow"

JenniPowell "is that a picture of Crowley in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"

Cloud_ax "how bout you and me perform in our own ceremony, baby"

ApotheosisAZ "Lucy, Gemma is in trouble. BTW, are you single?"

JenniPowell "I must be a shadow cause you've stabbed me in the heart"

stonedog67 "Hi my name is Jonas"
* stonedog67 removes shirt and flexes abs

JenniPowell "Let's make a flashbang, if you know what I mean."

Cloud_ax "your sister was killed by the order you say.... wanna make out?"

greggers "Whatever happens at 4:36am stays at 4:36am."

Cloud_ax "you can stick your hand in my sock puppet anytime"

ApotheosisAZ "Come and get it"

JenniPowell "You can any-key me all night long"

greggers "And as such, you shall face my wang."

JenniPowell "Of course I love you for more than your thumbnail baby"

stonedog67 "Mind if I record this?

JenniPowell "Why don't you sing my eternal dong?"

stonedog67 Wanna see my O rder face?

JenniPowell "No baby, I don't wear anything under this white towel..."

stonedog67 "Wanna drink beer in the bathtub in our undies"

Cloud_ax "wanna go behind the curtain?"

RoyTheBoy "Mind if I check out your swimming hole, baby?"

Cloud_ax "dont worry baby, im always right there above you"

Cloud_ax "wanna see why they call me the beast?"

RoyTheBoy "that tko in my name isn't for boxing"

stonedog67 "Dude that girl over there must be related to jack cause I wanna Jumper"

JenniPowell "did you know you can use neutrogena products ALL OVER?"

Chelseyrl "Hey Sarah, I got some donuts for you........ in my pants."

greggers "They call me Creepy Carl, because I creep all over that booty"

Cloud_ax "no no, keep the sunglasses on"

RoyTheBoy "Your ribozomes are off the scale, how about you let me inject you with my needle"

stonedog67 "Talk Enochian to me"

JenniPowell "If I tied you up, would you scream out my name?"

JenniPowell "If I tied you up, would you give me 8 million hits?"

greggers "You know what they say, once you go PharmaGuy you never go back"

Cloud_ax "let me show you what a 158 year old elder can do in the sack"

stonedog67 "Hi I'm Virgil mind if I watch"

Chelseyrl "You can call me Aleister Crowley and we'll make some of our own magick"

greggers "You can Play with my Wood anytime"

JenniPowell "My forum thread is long baby, real long"

Chelseyrl "I'll hide in your closet all night... watching..."

ApoAFK "I shaved nuts for Sunday"

JenniPowell "Sit on my sleeping bag."

Chelseyrl "I'm not like The Other Monkey; I don't come fast then disappear"

Chelseyrl "Ever heard of the Wyman Foundation? Well I wanna donate to your hymen

Cloud_ax "your making my owen come out of his shell"

JenniPowell "I'll bang you til your lazy eye isn't lazy anymore"

Chelseyrl "Baby, I've got the extra ribozymes and all I need is your serum"

JenniPowell "Is that a camera in your handbag or are you just happy to see me?"

HAMmy "mind if i drop off my phone in ur bed?"

JenniPowell "I'll get your drop"

Chelseyrl "I want you to be right there above me, right there above me, right there above me."

milo_went "is that a del mundo in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"


  1. Must've been a really... really... really... REALLY slow day in IRC today.

  2. haha, bravo. especially jenni.

  3. Lets pretend you're a poor unsuspecting girl bear and I'm a not so poor and not so unsuspecting boy bear with questionable motives.


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